It happened all suddenly – pretty exciting really. I didn’t scream or anything, I kinda just went, “Whoa!” real loudly. I was too glad we weren’t the ones in the crash to say anything else. I mean the car right in front of us - really.

It was all too busy to make anything out, but I could see two cars totally busted and there were spatters of blood on the windows. Besides that I couldn’t see anything much – too many people crowding around going, “Oh no!” or, “Call an ambulance!” including my parents who ran out the moment it happened, leaving the car doors open.

 Then outta nowhere these sirens started blaring from behind and more people came (doctors of course who were all serious) and made everyone move back and make space. Then I could see everything. All the medical equipment and the doctors doing CPR and putting all these tubey things up the guy’s throat or nose. Now do you get what I mean – exciting? Really.

 It was actually a pretty long process – the whole saving-someone’s-life thing. And five people to look after too. I mean that’s a pretty hard job, isn’t it? Anyway, two of the people were unconscious – one now dead (look at the headlines!), one was groaning real loud and the other two were on the side crying really hard. Obviously not too hurt, able to stand up and all. But man, it was a pretty intense scene.

Everyone trying to calm each other down and it was getting even more hectic ‘cause the doctors were trying to get the injured people into their trucks, in an “orderly manner.” Anyway, eventually the busy scene was all gone and all that was left were people waiting for some towing guy to come and get the two busted cars outta the way. In the end, someone did come and cleared out the cars and it was all back to normal.

That day I was late for school. 

The End

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