Finger-Painted Agony: NineMature


I told the doctor about my dream. He smiled a little when I did, which scared me. I'm still scared, and it's been hours since I left his office. There is a chill creeping in through the walls, settling in my bones. I always hated the cold.

I want to hear your voice. I think that if I could only do that, I would be okay. I want to know why I'm still here, when I keep on telling them I don't want to die. I'm not crazy, Savannah. Not unless it's crazy to love someone the way I love you. It's getting harder and easier all at once, if that makes sense. I feel like I'm getting closer to something, some answer I've been missing. Yet at the same time I feel more lost than ever.

I'm exhausted now, but terrified to go to sleep. I cant bear the images awaiting in my dreams. The ones where I hold you down and watch the life fade from your eyes. The ones where I tell you I love you, and that love sets you free. Lies bred by these four walls.

I need to escape here before I really do go crazy. I need to come home and feel your hands moving over my skin. Feel your heart beating in time with my own. Feel every part of you mesh into every part of me.

I just need you.


The End

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