Finger-Painted Agony: SixMature


I was thinking about death today, which is never a good thing. Sometimes the white walls turn to red, and I can feel the pulsing in my scar, and I can recall the way your face so paled when you saw me laying there. I wonder if you ever got the blood out of that rug. I should have been more considerate and done it in the bathtub. Or not done it at all.

The nurse said that in order to receive treatment, we have to be able to pinpoint the reason why. Only, I cant do that. I never had a reason, never wanted to leave you alone with all the pain in the world. I only wanted to take it all for myself, and keep you careless. I thought that was what love was about.

No one can take on all the pain in the world, Savannah. There are no superheroes here to save the day from all the bad guys. There are only real people living real lives, feeling real pain. Trying as hard as they can to make it home each night.


The End

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