Finger-Painted Agony: FourMature


You know how it feels when everything is about to crumble before your eyes? And you want to cry, but also laugh because you should have known better than to ever believe in the first place?

I keep on having this feeling. Today the nurse told us all to start keeping journals. We are supposed to write about our feelings and what we want in our lives. I hope they never read them, because all I feel and want is you. And I don't think they like that much.

Right now I am back in my room. I had spaghetti for dinner; the cook got it all wrong. I remember when you came to my apartment and we stayed up all night under the stars. You took my hand in yours and told me that the stars were the only ones who could promise forever. I knew that was I lie, because I knew right then that forever was all I had to offer you. I think we had spaghetti that night.

And then there was the time in the bathroom, when your hair was dripping wet and I was pressed so close to you there was no more space between. You were gasping for breath and so I breathed into you. Magic floated in the air around us. Those are the memories that get me by. I hope they are the ones you hold close too, because those are the only times we ever really had a clue.


The End

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