Finger-Painted AgonyMature

Author's Note: I wrote this in about three hours, and cant believe I'm as proud of it as I am...It's brief, but hopefully powerful. A special thanks to everyone who has ever supported me, not only in writing, but in the life I lead each day.



I'm writing from the heart.

I need you to understand that I never meant for those things to happen. I never meant for you to be there, or to smoke as much as I did. I never meant for you to see me cry.

I never meant to cut that deep.

I'm writing because I think you might be worried about me. At least, I feel you must be, because I've had another dream about you, and you told me that you were. You were beautiful with your hair all swept back, your cheeks dusted lightly with glitter. I'll bet everyone is just so taken with you. I'll bet you barely have time to think about me.

I want you to know that I'm doing fine. Or, fine enough. Everything is going to get better for me someday. That's what they say. And they say I'll see you, too. They wont tell me when, but I have to believe it'll be soon. I'm going crazy being away from you, Savannah. Every night before I go to sleep I ask God to watch over you. Just in case he really is there. I want to make sure you're being taken care of while I'm away.

I just need you to understand that I love you. That's all I ever wanted for you to know. And I'm here. And I miss you.



The End

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