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She has a secret.

          Anyone who was anyone knew the gossip on Mackerel Port. News spread fast in this small town. Especially by way of the fishermen down by the boardwalk, who could tell you anything you wanted to know about everyone. Ask them about Missy Mabel and they'll tell the story of a nice young girl with bright red curls. She always had a smile on her face and wore blue ribbons in her hair every day. The only thing they didn't like to mention? The fact that, underneath her adorable exterior, she had an ingrown third arm protruding from her side. But she kept it hidden under thick coats so no one really noticed. She had moved to Mackerel Port when she was just eleven years old and instantly got along with the whole town. It was unknown whether or not she had come with her folks, since nobody had ever gone over to the Mabel house, but it was just implied. Missy was very kind and friendly towards everyone, but she usually kept to herself, reading and writing in the comfort of her own home.
          Then they might tell you about Big Billy Brown, whose kindness stretched as far as his height, and he was pretty tall. He was a sweetheart according to all of the girls in town, who say that he gave every girl a box of chocolates or roses on every Valetine's Day. But there was only one girl who had ever caught his eye, and actually held it. Billy had loved Missy more than his poor head could handle. The wise fishermen knew they were meant for each other. All in due time, they would whisper, all in due time.
          A few years later, without any warning, Missy's third arm disappeared. No one ever remembered a doctor coming through town, so of course it had baffled everyone. They would have remembered it, seeing as how it was such a small town and news traveled fast. Missy began to wear short sleeves and smaller, tighter fitting jackets. They all just assumed she had it removed, or, if by magic, it had just fallen off. The people just brushed it off. After all, nothing abnormal could happen in this quaint little town.
          Billy and Missy soon began dating. They fell in love, or so it seemed, and soon enough, they talked of getting married. They held a large ceremony in the grand chapel by the boardwalk and everyone in town went. Billy's parents were so happy and cried the entire time. But, Missy's parents were no where to be found. Nobody noticed though, except one person, Jimmy Pickles. Jimmy was the youngest fisherman down at the dock. The older fishermen continually made fun of him for being as such. They said he was young, inexperienced, and immature. Jimmy had noticed, because, he too had loved Missy, and had been filled with jealousy. But Jimmy was a nice man and didn't dare do anything.
          Many years passed since the wedding and Billy and Missy had concieved four children. They had twins named Little Billy and Little Missy, or L.B and L.M for short, and a boy named Podunk and a girl named Ashcroft. The family was quite happy and they always together and attended all of the town family gatherings. They seemed to be the perfect family. No one had a single doubt about their love. Then, a few years later, something terrible happened.
         L.B and L.M went missing. This type of thing had never happened in Mackerel Port before. The town's folk were left in a state of deep confusion; even the local authorities didn't know how to react. They inspected the house and found no evidence. The case eventually died down and was ruled as a runaway. Jimmy Pickles had watched this case in it's entirety and had gotten slightly suspicious. He noticed that Missy had little to no reaction, while Billy was nearly traumatized. Billy said he knew nothing, but Jimmy wasn't so sure.
         Only a few months after everything was completely settled, there was fighting heard from the Brown house. The neighbors say they heard loud yelling and several crashing noises. When asked in the morning if they were all right, Missy and Billy both replied that they had no idea what everyone was talking about. No one brought it up again. Jimmy grew more and more wary of the family and began attending a police training academy. Jimmy had big opinions on the sudden misfortuned that had struck the town and he intended to find out what was going on.
          Then, Ashcroft went missing. She was the youngest daughter of Missy and Billy, at age 7, and the authorities decided she was too young to rule it as a runaway. This frightened the town and everyone was question. Murder or kidnappings were something new to Mackerel Port. They were all such sweet, loving people and the mere thought that something this bad would ever happened certainly never crossed their minds. Jimmy was also questioned, but he was ruled as innocent. He answered what he knew and how he had nothing to do with it, all with a confident look on his face. He had nothing to be ashamed of.
          Missy and Billy sure had a way of quieting things down. Soon enough, it all blew over and nobody seemed to care anymore. The fishermen went back to fishing, selling their load, and insinuating about the town's people. And the town's folk went back to being oblivious and optimistic, just like usual. But not Jimmy, who continued to take his policeman classes. He graduated and eventually became the top policeman.
         On his late hours, he would drive by the Brown house and occasionally watch it from hide in the bushes and watch. One day, while Jimmy was watching the house, a strange shadow appeared behind the windows. He gazed carefully but couldn't figure out what the shadow was. It grew faint, and Jimmy grew tired. He fell asleep in the bushes nearby and woke up with a very bad headache. He almost forgot, then remembered where he was and quickly returned home. What was that shadow, he wondered to himself. It was fuzzy in his mind, but his suspicion only grew.
         A week later, Billy's body was found a mile from the house. It was violently mutilated. Each section had bite marks and his ears, nose, and his entire lower half was gone. The only way they knew who he was was by the ID card in his shirt pocket. This incident put the town in such a tremendous frenzy, that many of them fled to the mainland. Jimmy wasn't surprised. He knew something was up. He called upon the police force and they searched the Brown house. They didn't find anything, until Jimmy walked towards the basement. Missy told them not to go in there, but that just made Jimmy more skeptical.
          They went down into the basement and couldn't believe what they saw. Every type of knife that had ever been made was there. All of them were polished and shone even in the dreary light of the basement. They were all precariously strapped to the ceiling pipes with blue ribbons... familiar blue ribbons. Jimmy immediately ran over and grabbed Missy. She tried to run but he didn't let her. He pulled up her shirt, and sure enough, there was a huge scar where her third arm used to be.
         Jimmy was so dumbfounded. He began to question Missy. She wouldn't say a word. So he grabbed her and tied her to a chair, slowly water boarding her until she gave in. Eventually she said, "Fine, I'll talk." Jimmy asked her where her children were, and what happened to Billy. Missy shook her hair and sneered. She smacked her lips, and with a twisted expression and a faint sight, said, "I'd eaten them, every single one."
          Jimmy refused to believe what he had heard. He asked her again and she repeated the same words. She explained that she had eaten her parents, and when the city she had previously lived in grew suspicious, she fled. Then, she came here, and hid out in an abandoned house by the dock. She said that she had eaten off her third arm in order to appear normal to the town. She thought she had overcome her urges, until she met Billy. To Missy, Billy was so scrumptious looking. His soft skin, the way the light hit his eyes; it was all too much for her to handle.
          Missy couldn't contain herself, so instead she forced Billy to have children. She ate the children one by one, and made Billy swear never to tell. Billy kept his mouth shut until Ashcroft. Ashcroft was his favorite and he couldn't bear it any longer. Billy tried going to the police, but Missy strangled him and ate as much of him as she could. She didn't know what to do with the leftovers, so she disposed of them far away from the home. 
          So, Jimmy cuffed her and took her away. 'Til this day, nothing had ever happened since the incident. The town is as peaceful as ever, but will always remember the many years of torture through Missy Mabel. The girl with the blue ribbons in her red hair.

The End

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