Finding Wicked

(This is for after I finish The Haunting of My Sister) Wicked McClarence has no idea who or what she is, all she knows is that she's an orphan that was left outside a hospital after being a few hours old. But when someone appears with a letter in the middle of the night she finds it hard to believe the sudden change in her life. Who is this Jackelence? And what exactly is he? Wicked can only know if she follows the destiny assigned for her since before her time.

Just because I know a few things doesn't mean that I have to tell them all. Let's just say that whoever told us, well, told you humans that "ignorance is bliss" was undoubtedly correct.

But then, you don't have to trust me. Who am I to ask you for trust anyway? Have I done anything for you that isn't partially helpful in anyway? 

Okay. So I have. Once or twice, or maybe more times than I can write on here. But hey, I just want you to know that I only did what I had to do. 

Now, whoever has this letter listen very well. If you have this in your hands it is because I am dead. If you are not my daughter then you must get it in her hands. Of course, that won't be easy... considering that she doesn't know who the hell she is. 

This is your task. Find my daughter, tell her who I was. Tell her what I did.

Tell her the truth. 


Sincerely, Jackelance McClarence. 

P.S. From what I last heard, she was locked up for her anger but don't worry, she doesn't mean any harm to those who don't show her any.

The End

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