Finding the Pieces

This is an idea that I had a few days ago, and just started writing it. I haven't gotten very far yet, though.
Basically, a girls little sister makes her a puzzle with all of the family members on it. When all of them except for the one of the girl (narrator) goes missing, so does her family. She must find their pieces to reunite her family.


            I could’ve sworn I saw someone following me on my way home from school. It couldn’t be someone who lives nearby, because, nobody lives nearby. My house is down a long path in the woods. It’s almost at the edge of town. I can’t think of any reason that I would see someone. In an attempt to calm my nerves, I tell myself that it was just a deer.

            I quicken my pace to about a jog, which is hell with a 20 lb backpack on, let me tell you. I round a corner and my beautiful house came into sight. Breathing heavily, I bolt to the front door and enter the passcode.

Beep beep beep beep.

With the four numbers, I am granted entry to my home. I step inside and throw my backpack on the floor. I shut and lock the door automatically, which shows me how shaken up the walk home from school had gotten me. I never lock the door, because nobody ever comes around here.

            “I’m home!” I shout, to nobody in particular. My sisters and father should be home by now, but my mom has work until 6.

            Turning away from the door, I grab an apple from the kitchen and run upstairs to my room. Before I go into my room, I open the door to the room my younger sisters, Jessie and Maddi share. Nobody’s inside. Shrugging, I enter my room and plop down on the bed, opening my laptop.

The laptop is booting up when something catches my eye. A hand drawn picture of me and my family? Oh, right. Maddi, my 3 year old sister, made a puzzle with a picture of each of our family members on each piece. Maddi gave it to me for my 15th birthday last week.

That’s odd, I think, I could’ve sworn that I put that in the closet.

I set down my laptop and pick up the puzzle box, and my hands jerk up a bit, as the box isn’t as heavy as I expected. I peer into the box and find that all the pieces, except for the one with my picture on it, are missing.  

The End

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