Finding the Black Sheep

Mr. George is a renowned retired cop from New York. As all he likes is solving crime and murders, he opens a private detective agency. Will he have a good start?

                                                 Finding the Black Sheep

“Good Morning Alex!” greeted Mr. George, while he was entering his new office.

“Good morning sir. Here’s your tea” said Alex.

“Thank you Alex. I bought you a kit that will be useful for the job you and I will be doing. Here, take it.”

 George worked as a cop in New York. He was a renowned personality, for his intelligence and for his humor. When George retired and formed a private detective agency, Alex, a teen came to work with him as an assistant.

Both were having a conversation till a woman opened the door and came in. She was fat and seemed as a middle aged lady who wore a pink dress, and had spectacles. She was looking very worried.

“Good Morning Mam. May I help you?” asked George.

“Good Morning Sir. I am Clara from the royal family and need your help urgently. This is about a theft.”

“Okay but what was stolen?”

“A two million dollar jewel”

George and Alex looked each other confused.

“Give your address Mam and we will take a look”


The lady took leave, giving the necessary information asked by George.

“Sir, why did a woman from a royal family come to us, that too after a two million diamond theft?”

“We will get those answers from this address, where the diamond was stolen.”

George and Alex go to the address told by the woman. It was a small house, not as expected by George. Alex rang the bell. Clara opened the door and greeted them.

“Thank you sir for coming.”

“No problem Mam. That’s my work.”

George and Alex enter their house. The maid gave them tea and welcomed them. George requests to see the place from where the diamond was stolen. Clara takes them to the room, and then to a safe. She opens the safe. Alex quickly opens the kit, and examines the lock.

“The lock is alright sir. No one has broken it.”

“So someone has opened the safe with the keys.”

Clara quickly says the maid to come tomorrow. The maid takes leave.

“Mrs. Clara, do you doubt somebody, who may have stolen the diamond?”

“Yes sir, my maid. She had many quarrels with me to increase her salary. May be to have money, she stole the diamond.”

“Okay then, we should have a visit with her then. Okay Mam, when was the diamond stolen?”

“Yesterday’s night”

“Okay Mam, Thanks.”

George and Alex leave their house.

“Sir, this woman, Clara, said that she was from a royal family, but own this house, which seems old and small.”

“Yes. This is a point to be noted. We must find the black sheep.”

The next day, George again visits Clara. Clara opens the door, but something shocked her.

“Mr. George, why did you bring these cops with you, and then the maid? Did find the thief?”

“Oh yes, Mrs. Clara. I have found the thief, and the diamond. Here is your diamond. But before telling you the truth, I must say something to you.”

“Sure Mr. George, continue.”

First point. You said that you were from a royal family. But you own this small house?”

“That sir, its …….. ah ………… yes, my mother’s house. I have sentiments for …..this house. So I live here.”

“Okay. Second point. Alex checked your safe’s key. There was no chance that it had been duplicated. So, someone stole it from you. One more thing, yesterday, when I was here, you said me that it was stolen yesterday night. How do you know that it was stolen at that time?”

“That…..ah…….I just checked the safe at that time.”

“Can you tell me the time when you checked it?”

“That day, at about 10 pm, before I slept”

“But your maid said that at that time you visited her house and slept there.”

“Ah…. She is telling lie.”

“Oh no Mam, the neighbors saw you entering her house. Okay last thing. I got this diamond from your maid’s house, and you are the thief Mrs. Clara. We got your fingerprints there and have enough proof for to be gifted punishment.”

“If I stole the diamond, then why would I come to you?”

“There is the question, which was answered by my newspaper. One day before you visited your maid’s house, a two million dollar diamond was stole from a jewellery shop, which makes jewellery for the royal family. You came to me so that when I find the diamond at the maid’s house and when I give that to you, the maid will come into trouble and you would have my case file as a legal document that the diamond is yours. So, the cops won’t arrest you. Now, do you have any other excuse, Mrs. Clara?”

“I want a lawyer”

“That I don’t know. From here, the cops would take over.”

The cops arrest Clara, and everyone leaves the house. Then Alex comes there.

“Good job sir, you have done a good start.”

“Yes Alex, I have found the black sheep!”


The End

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