it's not it me?

A story about finding 'The One'

It's a little but funny really.  Another one has bitten the dust. Well more like the bitten the lips of an extremely attractive woman but you get what I mean.

Why do I pick the losers?  Daniel was supposed to be The One this time.  But he's lasted all of six months so it's back to the drawing board.  And he was definately drawn well. 

But you cant dwell on these things.  Make haste and all that, although I've never really been sure what 'make haste' meant.  I thought haste might be some code word for you know....I'm not saying 'it' out aloud, I will blush like 3 shades of tomato.

Anyway I digress....

Tall, dark and handsome doesnt come around very often so it's time to step up the game and call in some reinforcements. 

As I dial some numbers it's starting to dawn on me that maybe its not them but it's me? 

How can I not be a good catch?  Whats wrong with me?  I'm everything a man could want, arent I?




The End

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