Working too hard?

I started taking on extra shifts. Maybe if i could earn enough money, i could rent a house. Just for a little while. I didnt know why i was suddenly so anxious to get out. My parents didnt see my plan, and watched the kids all the time. I felt bad, leaving them all the time. They didnt seem to mind,however.  I was starting to svae up, but i was nowhere close to being able to afford renting my own house, and paying for food, clothes, and utilities. I was slowly letting go of the whole thought of ''being free from here.'' I started taking weekends shifts,too. I was working non-stop. I barely had time to say hi to my kids anymore. I would have to come home, and withing and hour or 2 be gone again! But they loved grandma and grandpa. They got away with anything with them. I was doing some groceries one day, in between shifts. I was going down the candy aisle when i saw a man slipping some into his pocket. He froze when he saw me, but when he realized i wasnt a worker he heaved a sigh of realief. I winked at him and kept going. ''Hey,uhm,miss?'' i heard a voice from behind me sound almost regretfull. I turned around,  ''yeah?'' i said and gave him a smile of engouragement because he looked almost ashamed. ''You wont say anything will you?'' he said and flashed me a smile. His teeth were perfect.And only then did i noticed his perfectly chizeled chin, without even a stubble of hair.His eyes were as deep blue as the ocean on a summer day. My heart melted with his smile. His dimples were as deep as the pacific.  '' Nah, dont worry.''i said in a cheery voice.''they charge too mcuh for this dumb candy anyways.'' and sent a wink his way. He nodded his head. I went on my way, and i turned around again. As soon as i did, i regretted it. I couldnt re-turn around now. he was looking at me. He raised his eyebrows, as if to say ''yeah?''  IO was speechless. I couldnt do what i wanted to do...could i? no, i was too early yet. ''Miss?'' he said as if to say, are you going to say somnthing any times soon? I took in a deep breath,i can do this. After all.. i was prety , wasnt i ? did i make his heart melt as he made mine? I realized i was still wearing my mcdonalds uniform. I could swear my face turned red when i noticed that, because he laughed a little. ''Do you want to ask me somthing?"' he said in a kind of tone that made me want to rush out what i was saying. ''If you .. ever are ..hungry.'' i started, and i saw his face take on a different tone. It was kind of like a smug/happy look.that kind of smile.Then he looked down. ''i could eat.. with you, if you.., yeah....'' i said and then trailed off.I looked down and my face felt hottThere was super awkwierd silence, and right in the middle i was about to say, oh nevermind, dont worry about it, just kidding. But i couldnt say a word. I was so close to tears, and if he wouldve said no i wouldve had a fullout breakdown, this reminded me too much of him.

  But, lucky for me, he proved me wrong, it was a roll of the dice,but he said yes.


The End

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