Still living with mom and dad

living with mom and dad felt like i was being suffocated.

they wanted to know what i was doing , where i was going, what time id be back at. I always took my kids with me, so what was it to them?

  Couldnt they leave me alone?

 It was like i was a kid again!  I needed to get out. But the best job i could come up with was part time at mcdonalds.I took early morning shifts and night shifts. After the kids were in bed, and before they got up. My mom drove them to school. And if i had to work later, wich i usually did, she would pick them up.My parents were retired, so they didnt mind .

    But when they start becoming clinmgy, it bothers me.

   I had wanted them to treat me like a tennent. Just there for a while, not really any of thier buisness. But thats not how they saw it. They wanted to be a huge part of my life now. And i didnt really like it.

 i thought about telling them, but i couldnt.

  If i told them, they might have gotten upset. Threw me out. Later on i realized that they wouldnt have done that, but still. I was loosing control. I needed to find a way out.





The End

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