Living with mom and dad

The next day i was setting up the hamsters cage. He was in a shoebox beside me. I hadnt had time to set up his cage yesterday,i was trying to get all the main things done. I had promised the kids that i would have hammie's cage set up by the time they got home from school. Buster was laying at my feet. The old golden retriver was out like a light.I heard the bedroom dor creek, and i looked up. ''Aww look at bruiser!'' my mom said in the kind of voice that is so cheery you just want to reach out and smack the person in the face. ''Its buster mom. BUSTER.'' I said, not knowing why i felt a sudden hatred toward her. I had no reason to, after all, i was living in her house.I was eating her food.Using her money. Her face dropped, and i felt a tenion so thick in the air i could probably cut it with a butter knife. I put some shavings in the cage  and stood up. She walked out of the room,hesitating a the door for a minute. I put the hamster back in his cage. Dumb rat thing, i thought bitterly. 

The End

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