Moving day

When i finally did tell my kids the truth, it was because we were out of money and had to move.

I felt so bad. Dropping two bombshells like that at once.I wanted to cry when i saw their faces.I had told them about moving first. They  didnt mind all that much. We had moved quite a few times before, and they werent used to staying in a house longer then 5 months. As long as we stayed in the area, they always said. And they were rreally phsyched about going to live with grandma and grandpa.

 but when i told them about thier father they're faces took a drastic change.

     I dont think i had ever heard them cry,shout,and scream all at the same time. First, their faces took shock. I think they thought it was a joke at first. Then when i held my head and started to cry, feeling a little selfish for not holding in my feelings until i was alone, they realized it wasnt a little joke.

moving day came. i made sure the trucks came while they were at school. they only went half days, they were in kindergarten.

 I had to make sure everything went quickly. They had never seen all their belongings thrown in a little truck before. Usually, i would take the kids out moving day. While he did all the loading.I sold most of our stuff, or given it away, because there wasnt all that much room at my parents house. I was sharing a room with my  children, so i really had to limit stuff.I didnt have the money for a public storing bin, so i had to just make do with what i could take.I felt so pathetic moving in with my parents at the age i was. My children thought of it as an adventure,though. Grandma and Grandpa would be watching them constantly, a nice break from me. But the moment i walked in the door, i couldnt wait to get out.



The End

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