Back in the Past: Our first Meeting

I had met Orchid when the cab driver had almost run her over. She had been crossing the street of Fifth Ave. I was on my way to work at the office running a little late. It had been my first time being late but I couldn't help but feel anxiety over tarnishing my perfect attendance record. There was no penalty or reward, it was a routine of mine. Precisely that day, I had found out that my alarms batteries weren't exaclty charged. If it hadn't been for me not replacing the batteries or rushing the cabbie to go 50 instead of 30mph, I would have not met my beloved Orchid. Her hair swaying in the wind as she stood shocked of the accident that had been avoided.

"Are you alright?" I asked the girl whose eyes were as deep as ocean, and her body fragile.

"I should be if there aren't anymore lunatic drivers like you," I stared at her feeling a tid but of sorrow. It had been then that a smile had formed and she giggled a bit.

"I am joking you bafoon! I am completely fine!" she said, although she seemed rather pale and sick. She brushed her hand on my chest as though I had been a long time friend that she had run into.

"Are you sure? Here I want you to take my card just incase you need to seek medical attention. I will pay for all of it, I promise."  I say to her as I found a buisness card in my pocket."Do you need a ride?"

"No thanks, works right there," she pointed to a near coffee shop.

"Well sorry again, I didn't catch your name,"i said as I watched her put my card into her black apron.

"Its Orchid," she turned to look toward work. "Well I would love to chat but really I am fine, I have to go to work." I watched her leave as I got back into the taxi and continued my journey to work.

I wondered why her face had stayed so vivid in my mind.

The End

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