Fast Forward: The Bar

It was raining, and raining hard. As the taxi had sped, I was washed with muddy water. A bath I hadn't hoped to take, but it had been too late to go back home and change; I was already in front of the bar.

I had never been a heavy drinker, but as my mother had once told me, "Somethings change."

"A whiskey," I tell the bartender as I noticed all the smokers that had been in the place. The room was consumed with smoke, as if a fog machine had been setup inside the place, but there was no music or dancing for it. There was idle chat in the backround, but none that had caught my attention. "Where the heck are you Orchid?" I said to myself. I knew the more time went by the more time was wasted. The longer time had gone, the more likely she would be dead before I found her.

The End

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