Chapter 4

Alexander Flid was the leader of the Mergaum people and the man who started the war.  Flid was a skilled fighter, known to kill whomever he reached a disagreement with, both with his hands and his gun, a 9x19 mm Walther P99 semi-automatic pistol.  Every Pardean citizen knew his face after seeing it up on “Wanted” posters all over town, the rewards soaring with every additional crime he committed.  He had jet-black curly hair and ice-cold grey eyes, freezing anyone who he locked his eyes on.  He had an olive complexion with deep purple prominent veins.  Despite his medium-sized stature, Flid was very well built with finely toned arms and torso.  It was not just a war that he’d started; it was a revolution against his father, the president of Pardea. 

The End

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