Finding Halliday

A war terrorized the Pardean people, and yet, a year later, rumors are going about that the Mergaum people are still keeping various soldiers hostage. One man, Travers McCollough, overhears that his best friend is still alive...

Travers McCollough was a good lad; that was, before the war. Ah, yes, the War of Noemi. He was a part of the Borek Battle, only a sliver of the war, but a part all the same. This was the war that had taken so many lives, including those of his parents, his siblings and the rest of his family. Although the war had ended almost a year since then, it was rumored that various Pardean soldiers were still being held hostage by the Mergaum forces. Travers refused to even consider the possibility of the mutterings being true until a breezy fall day when he overheard a familiar name in the town marketplace.

"Anthony Halliday," the old fisherman croaked to the middle-aged apple vendor as he puffed away on his pipe, shining a red delicious up on his shirt.

The End

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