The Idea of a Life

Imagine a place. A place where the main characters of unfinished, abandoned stories are doomed to spend eternity in a "literary limbo." Asher is the protagonist of such a story and is determined to find his happy ending yet. Doing so will require him to navigate a narrative unlike any other: that of the real world. Bound to find his author and obtain closure, he has but one clue, a name: Destiny Keys.

Once upon a time, there was a valiant young man named Asher.  Asher was what one might call a knight in shining armor.  Actually, that's precisely and most literally what he was.  Riding his noble white steed across the plains of Gholaire, he sought the heart of a gorgeous princess he had never met.  Her name was Arabella, and she had been locked away in a distant tower guarded by the most fearsome of dragons, though the particulars of how she'd gotten herself in such a dilemma were largely unknown.  The man who would rescue her from her terrible fate would win the maiden's hand in marriage and become king of the Gholarian realm.  Asher was intent on claiming such a title, albeit for the least selfish of reasons.  There was nothing particularly original about his story, of course, but it was all he knew.  That is until one day, when his story simply stopped.

The End

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