Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces..Mature

this story is about the lives of survivors of a outbreak it isn't completely serious so feel free to post bad comments:)

I heard about them on the news but always had been shot down by police and covered up by conspiracie theories and reports of wild drunks but I didn't believe it was true until the day it happened....

It was 09:00 in the morning and people were just waking up going to work (or just waking up to watch television).The mood changed when I heard a scream coming from the left of me, a group of about 10 people started coming out of their houses, out of their protection to see what the scream was from. I opened up the upstairs window to tired and to scared to walk outside.

Then another scream came and then another but I couldn't see what the commotion was about as the croud of people were crouding around one area of the street,then as if a bomb went off people started to run and scramble up off the ground and start shouting  and women started to scream and I could finally see what they were staring at.

It was a girl but not like any other girl you had ever seen she had blood on her mouth and teeth truly a sight you only see when your drunk.The people who went outside had red marks on their legs which at this point was extremely clear what happened.

They had been bitten by the girl and the people able to run away hadn't been bitten.doors locked and windows closed lights turned off and as if it was instant more people started to come outside and the people with bites collapsed to the ground.I called the police and they came to the scene in around 10 minutes but ten minutes too long. The people with bites stood back up but with a angry look on their faces.

I woke up my wife and told her what had happened I had never seen her so scared and that look in her eye showed that she was half and half on the story so I opened the curtains just a little so she could see the attacks and the police trying to fend off the people and like a pain pain pill I felt a slight relief that i heard gunshots.

People dead on the floor with a number of around 20 people all killed by headshots from the officers gun 20 dead 0 casualties. I heard a click, a click that I will never forget the bones of the dead people started to click and click and click until they arose with a dementing look on their faces.     They Wanted Revenge......

The End

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