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My name is Eroan Morro. My parents, Elwin Morro and Camila Morro, are the royal human ambassadors.
I'm turning 27 and, it's on this day, my mother was going to reveal my true past. That is, until she got gravely ill. She is a human which means only one thing: find medicine or she'll die.
I, my sister Kilyn, and our friends are going on a mission to find a flower that is rumored to not only save my mother, but keep her alive long enough to spend the rest of my father's life with him.

The horn hadn't sounded but I was already awake. Today was the celebration of my 27th year. I got out of my bed in the home I shared with my sister, Kilyn Morro. She was two years my junior but she was a little bit of a mischievous elf. She was one of my best friends, though, and I kept her safe at all times.

My parents lived in the castle with Queen Tsarra who had recently taken over the throne. For the first time in our history, the realm was run by a queen on her own. She had no husband. Her past is shrouded in mystery. Mother wouldn't speak to me about it. She and Father were ambassadors for the humans and elves. We've lived in peace these last 28 years but a heavy cloud still hangs over my father's head. He still could not find the leader of the goblins that had attacked our realm so many years ago.

I changed into the typical elven attire and stretched to get breakfast. Kilyn was already awake, reading a piece of parchment and munching on some fruits.

"You need vegetables," I lectured and she wrinkled her nose.

"They're not as... sweet as fruits, though."

I rolled my eyes. "Oh, Kilyn," I sighed. "Just eat a few."

She stuck her tongue out at me but at some vegetables anyway. She then stood just as the horn sounded. We walked out and I yawned a little. The palace kingdom was abuzz with elves rushing to their jobs. They stared at me as I passed and I sighed. Kilyn took my arm in comfort.

I didn't look like the other elves. In fact, I didn't look like an elf at all. I had short brown hair and blue eyes. I had a human's body that I assumed I got from my mother. However, I did have skills and the extended life of elves which must have come from my father. There was something else behind it, though, and my mother had promised to tell me today.

We entered the palace and went into the throne room. Queen Tsarra was speaking with her hand maiden when she saw us. I frowned.

"Where are our parents?" I asked and the queen sighed.

"Follow me, you two," she whispered.

I shared a look with Kilyn. She looked scared. The queen led us up to the room that my parents shared. We walked in and Kilyn gasped, rushing to the bed. I hung back sadly.

My mother lay in bed, her skin almost transparent. Her eyes were sunken and she was having trouble breathing. My father stood beside her, his eyes red from crying. When he saw me, he beckoned me over.

"Hi, Mother," I whispered.

She smiled weakly. "Eroan. I wish I could deliver you a happier birthday."

"What's wrong with her?" I asked my father.

He led me to the window. He sighed, bowing his head.

"It's a rare illness among the humans," he whispered. "We do not know the name. She's dying, Eroan."

I could tell he wanted to cry but he kept his composure. I looked at my mother sadly.

"How long?"

"One month."

"And there's no way to help her?" I asked desperately.

He sighed again. "There's one way but it's too dangerous. I don't even want to consider it."

"What is it?" I demanded.

"There's a flower far to the north," he explained. "They say that, when mixed with the appropriate potion, it can heal and even extend the life of the drinker."

"Then let's get it," I said immediately. "We don't have time to waste."

"Didn't you hear me, Eroan?" he whispered. "It's too dangerous. And it's just a legend."

"If it can heal Mother, I don't care," I snapped. "Tell me what it is called."

His eyes flicked between mine. "It is called the Moonglow Flower," he said finally. "If you plan on taking this journey, Eroan, you cannot go alone."

"I'll come," Kilyn said. She had come over while elves were helping Mother eat. "And we can get some of our friends."

Our father sighed. "I don't feel comfortable about this...."

"We have to do it," I pressed, looking at my mother. "I don't want her to die, Father."

His eyes watered and Kilyn hugged him. I swallowed thickly.

"I'm going," I said finally. "Do you have a map?"

"Remember, these are rumors," he whispered. "If you don't find it...."

"We'll come right back," Kilyn said.

"Go to the archives," our father said. "You'll find what you need there."

I went back to my mother first. She smiled at me again and I kissed her forehead.

"I have to go on a trip for a little bit," I said. "Kilyn is going to come with me."

"Don't bother trying to hide it from me," my mother whispered. "I know where you are traveling. You must promise to be as safe as you possibly can be. I know I cannot stop you." She caressed my cheek sadly. "I love you, Eroan. And you, Kilyn."

I kissed her cold hand. "And we love you. We will be back."


While Eroan went to the archives, I rushed to find my fellow guardian elves. They were by the fountain waiting for us.

"It took you long enough," Rina Leoris said with a frown. She had long brown hair and green eyes.

"I need you all to follow me," I panted.

"Why?" the other she-elf, Sylmae Trafir, asked. Just like Rina, she was brown haired and green eyed.

"I'll explain when we meet up with Eroan."

The two he-elves, Galan Ologolor and Folen Sylris, looked at each other but followed me all the same. We jogged up the palace stairs and put our weapons on our backs. I led the way to the archives where Eroan was speaking with the archive master.

"You're chasing a fairy tale, my boy," the master sighed. "But go if you wish."

"Thank you," Eroan said and beckoned for us all to follow him. He led us to a study. "Have you explained everything?"

"No," I said. "I thought you should."

"Very well."

While he explained, I went to the kitchens and had them prepare food for us. I then went to get warm clothing and extras for Eroan. Though he was an elf by nature, he had the body of a human and needed to bathe more often than the elves. I always wondered about his human heritage but I never had gotten the chance to speak with Mother about it.

As I returned to the study, I wondered if I ever would.

The End

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