Finding a reason to breath

I stood at the edge of the river, peering in. I was greeted by the image of face, a face....that i did not recognize. Sad blue eyes stared back at me, and as I looked deeply into them, I was greeted by the feeling of longing, a longing for things to go back the way they were, a need to have someone to be there for them, a want to be told that they were loved, a desire to be the happy person they once were.

As I looked into these eyes, I saw the horrors of what the people that you once thought cared about you, could do to you. I saw eyes that had cried so much they could fill the oceans with their tears. I saw the face of a person that had finally given up on this life, that found no reason to take another gulp of air.

And as I looked at this person I felt the urge to give the owner of these sad blue eyes a reason to breathe. I wanted to tell them that I cared about them, that i wanted them to be here. That even though things seemeed like they couldn't be any worse, they could, and that I would help them get over what they were going through.

But as I looked closer into the water, I watched as this face became more visible. The big sad blue eyes were not the only things I could make out. I watched as the thin, tear stained cheeks began to take there form, the small nose, red from the cold sniffle, and the light wispy brown hair blow across the chapped lips. I squinted at this face, and realized that it was squinting back at me.

That's when I realized, this face of a worn down, sad, depressed person, was none other than mine. I was the owner of this pitiful appearence, this sight for sore eyes.

That's when I knew that I couldn't do it anymore. That if i jumped into the icy cold rushing water right one would care. When my obituary appeared in the newspaper a couple of days later, after they had found my poor limp body, people would only glance over it, and not a tear would be shed for the sorry life of little old me.

I stepped closer to the edge of the river feeling the icy cold water splash my shoes. I closed my eyes, taking my last deep breath of air, ready to take the plunge, to jump in, and let the river flush my wasted life out into the depths of the sea.

"Hey, are you okay?"

I turned around only to find the owner of this caring warm voice, and that's when I found my reason to breath......

The End

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