Find yourself

Somedays I look in the mirror

I’m not sure who is starring back at me

All I know is that

There is a girl

She looks sad and drained

As if she is in pain


She eventually moves from in front of the mirror

She takes a shower

Looking at her body

Covered in scars

Each one an individual memory that will never be



She gets out. She dresses herself

And heads to a place

That molds children into someone they aren’t

Forcing everyone to conform to society

Cutting the round edges of their dreams


All that is left is what you are told to dream


Stressing everyone to the point of no return

Some choose drugs

Others alcohol

But me, I chose another form of self-destruction


We all self-destruct

We all are selfish people

We all kill ourselves in the end


Some do it young, quick, and easy

Others slowly kill themselves every day


That day when their bodies give out


The heart monitor screams

Soon enough your story will be over


I have very little time to find the girl

The girl I know is somewhere

The  one who used to stare back at me in the mirror

 I suggest you do the same

The End

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