Angel's Presence Part Two

Tyrone stared at this map being tossed back and forth in Angel's hands. Angels slipped him a look and then paused holding the golden paper between her hands. The X had gone. 

She put on a smile for him and then slipped the sketch into her back pocket. With that she elegantly closed the door shut and drifted away from the mysterious wardobe.

Bemused,  Tyrone peered through a slight gap through the two doors, "Where does that lead to?" 

Angel smirked, "You have quite an imagination, don't you my friend."

"Yes...It's from my mother's side."

"Yes, I can see that." she replied

There was an unmistakable silence, whilst poor old Tyron tried to gather his thoughts. 

"How do you know my mother?"

Angel looked nostalgic, but said nothing. 

"How do you...."

"That's quite enough questions now there kid." 

She turned, her back facing him. "I really should go." 

She took a quick glance at him, but that is all that she needed to feel the pain and anxiety that ran through poor old Tyrone. He was an odd character, hair all windswept and body all frail and spindly. He wore grey, that was it. She looked into his eyes and was not suprised to see what stared back. He was young, too young perhaps, his eyes gave away a dangerous curiosity, naivety perhaps. 

"Look kid." she paused grabbing for the map again. "Maybe you should have..." But as she was going to lend him the map a thought run through her head and she put it back. 

That sudden moment she gone, leaving him in the room on his own, with just his thoughts again. Tyrone turned towards the dark and empty corner of the room. And he stared at the wardrobe. 

The End

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