Find Me An Angel

Tyrone was only eleven but he had been through a lot in his early years. He was born with a defect in his left foot known as Metatarsus Adductus. This caused part of his left foot to turn inwards and meant he could not walk without the aid of a crutch. Because of this limb defect, Tyrone’s parents were afraid of allowing him out and his mother demanded that he be privately tutored.

Tyrone looked pensively at the heavy wooden chest. It was made from oak and was bound and decorated with brass fittings. The fittings had become tarnished with age, but the chest itself was still immensely solid. Tyrone stood up from where he sat playing with his toy soldiers and hobbled on his crutch, over to the giant chest.

The chest was used as storage for his toys and had been locked when his father caught him sneaking biscuits from the biscuit jar. Tyrone had been banned from playing with his toys as a punishment.

Tyrone reached the chest and placed his right hand over the huge brass lock. The key had been hidden in his father’s office where he could not go. Tyrone’s father was an obscenely wealthy landowner who had become bitter and cynical in his middle years. He was strict regarding his son’s upbringing and spent very little time with Tyrone, if any.

Tyrone was lonely. He was an only child and his mother had died shortly after his fifth birthday. His father had remarried but Tyrone did not get on with his stepmother. She thought of herself as something of a socialite, although she was actually nothing more than a hanger on. Caroline was just as stuck up and sour faced as Tyrone’s father, and she tried her best to make sure Tyrone was kept quiet in his room.

Tyrone put his weight against the chest and let the crutch fall to the floor. He could feel tears rolling down his shallow cheeks. He leant forwards over the chest with his right hand still caressing the heavy lock. He thought back to when his mother was still alive and that brought more tears. At that moment, Tyrone felt a strange warmth envelope his head. He raised his head and looked into the face of a woman. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen.


The End

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