Find me

Follow the white rabbit~

Hello. how are you. how are we, how are us. we walk the same, talk the same, look the same, and die the same. are we not twins? when i press my hand to your other worldly boundary, you only ever seem to push back. never letting me in. i would be lost without you, and yet, it is impossible to feel your touch. to feel the two halves become one again. again? or just this once? was there ever going back from the start? and if you did. would you find the end? 

but an end is a means to a new beginning. one that i'm sure would be better with two. we could get lost together, lick frost together. but your boundary remains strong. i push hard, you push harder, your world bowing inward. i'm almost there! just a little more, push! shatter... now i've lost myself forever. 

whats this? you lay on the floor. in pieces. but when i stare, you stare back in shattered grace, seemingly untainted as the rubies fall like precious raindrops of the sweet nectar of life. they cling together, friends in their release. but now the gateway is open. and there will be no going back. i will see you soon. my eternal friend. my one true love. my mimic...

The End

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