Finally Seen

The faster she runs, the quicker she gets there.

Jeanette scanned the near empty beach. The water was inviting, and the blue was beautiful. The sand was nice and rough but that meant sneakers. She laced them up, and tightened the strings. A man close by, looked at her strangely. You don’t normally see jeans, a tee and sneakers at the beach. But Jeanette didn’t care. Her hair whipped wildly in the gentle breeze, so she turned her head up to the sky before glancing around once more. Then, Jeanette took off in a sprint, her target already in sight. She smiled to herself as sand collided with water and made her shoes feel squishy. She liked the rush, which is why she ran. The closing point was almost clearly visible and Jeanette simply increased her speed down the beach. The sun bore into her back, but she liked the warmth, like she enjoyed the rush. Rush. It is what she did as she approached her spot, the journey was over now. Jeanette stopped her race and looked up into the hazel eyes of Rodney. Finally.

The End

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