Just keep going

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     Lunch time isn’t hell for me anymore.  Yea for me!  I sit with my friend, Sarah.  She prefers to be called Beri.  I don’t know why but I call her Beri anyway.  She’s in four of my classes so I talk to her when I can.  She’s not like my other
friends.  I’m not judging her or anything but she’s not the kind of person I usually make friends with.  She’s one of those metal, stoner chicks with her septum and lip pierced.  Each of her ears have five piercings also.  She seems ok so far.  She’s one of the only people that talk to me that doesn’t make fun of me.  At this point in my life I still don’t have a phone or a facebook so the only time I could talk to her was at school.

     I get picked on in Biology by a fat Mexican and stupid black guy.  It’s kind of ironic because they’re the type of people I would make fun of.  Well, I guess they beat me to it.  I never say anything to people’s faces, I just keep it to myself, unlike them.  Sometime in the future, I end up hitting Derrick, the black one, because he tried to shove my face into a dead rat we were dissecting.  My face was inches away from rat guts and I just reacted.  I’m not a violent person but everyone has their limits of what they take.  I just wish I hit him harder.  I hate both of them so much.

     My entire freshman year, I didn’t hang out with anyone from school.  Sometimes I wanted to and other times I didn’t really care to.  I don’t really like hanging out that much but my SA makes it nearly impossible to when I want to.  All the stars and the moon have to align perfectly for me to go out.  Needless to say I don’t go out very much.

     This is how lunch goes for me now in case you guys were wondering.  I bring my own food every day because I would die if I had to go into the cafeteria.  I go save a table in the wide open courtyard and wait for Beri, her boyfriend; Carlos, and two of his friends.  They do think it’s a little weird that I don’t buy food here but they have no idea that I have a disorder.

     My least favorite class is health.  I dread going.  I hate it!  For one; it’s really boring and two; the classes are an hour and a half but we only work for about 30 minutes.  You might think that’s awesome, but when you have no friends to talk to
for the rest of the class it’s SOOO boring!  The coach actually felt bad for me and tried to talk to me one time.   My desk was right in front of his so he knows I never talk to people.

     While everyone else was talking I just sat there doing nothing.  He looked up from grading papers for a second, and to no surprise, I wasn’t talking to anybody.  He asked if I’m any extra-curricular activities.  I told him I was in the percussion band and he just replied, “that’s cool,” and went back to paperwork.  That class was so easy.  On the final exam, I got 50/50 questions.  That’s saying something if you don’t even study for the final exam and get 100%.

The End

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