First day of hell pt. 2

     Obviously I survived that unfortunate event walking into my advisory room 20 minutes late.  So now I know to go to first period AFTER I go to my advisory room.  That makes a lot of sense.  First period should come first, not second.  What do they teach at this school?

     The rest of the day up to lunch was, needless to say, nerve racking.  After an hour and a half of Biology class I got released to lunch.  I brought my own food so I just need to do is find a place to eat.  I followed the crowd down the stairs and outside.  Finally I’m outside and I don’t have to rush to my next class.  I can relax.  Or at least that’s what I thought anyway.   One thing with SA is that it’s hard to relax when anxious; which is more often than not.

     So there I was, sitting on a bench made from some kind of stone; alone.  I unzipped my black and white patterned backpack and out came my lunch.  Not in a stereotypical brown paper bag; in a clear Ziploc bag.  Almost all the food ended up back in the bag untouched.  Just another downside to SA; no eating with people.  Even though, technically, I wasn’t “with” anybody, there were still people around.  So there goes my food; back in the bag, zipped up, and into my backpack again with nibble marks.  Well I’m still hungry, but it doesn’t matter.

     My school is just a giant square; so instead of walking in circles for the rest of lunch, I walk straight, turn left, and then continue.  What an interesting way to spend the only 30 minutes my butt isn’t stuck in a chair.  Well at least I can say I got some exercise.  I guess I can’t be late for Geography since I ended up walking to my class five minutes early out of boredom.  Nothing interesting happened so I’ll skip to after school.

     What a mad place this is.  Finally when I found where the buses are, I was completely overwhelmed; total sensory overload.  Almost everybody in one place is…well…just ridiculous.  So I was supposed to get on bus 100.  Well…it’s not here yet so I guess I’ll just wait.  A crazy but logical thought popped into my head; if I’m waiting for bus 100, then does that mean there are going to be at least 99 other buses coming too?

     I ended up waiting for about 15 minutes before boarding the yellow deathtrap that brought me here.  Luckily nobody sat next to me.  I jammed earbuds in as far as they would go and put on some crazy music.  Sometime later I got dropped off at the end of my street.  I was so tired that I barely made it up the hill to my house.

     Of course my mom was waiting for me when I got home, pestering me about my day.  Woman, just go away!  I don’t want to talk to you right now.  Just leave me alone!  Oh, I almost forgot the best part.  We have four out of eight classes in one day so tomorrow I get to go to four different classes.  Now I get to have two first days that suck ass.

The End

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