April 14th, 6:25 PM 2107

Hello little journal, and of course those that would read this. I appear to be in quite the situation. As it is i feel guilty enough, but remembering the faces of those that weren’t chosen. Those that wanted so badly to survive yet just weren’t needed. It is a haunting feeling. Knowing that the only reason you were chosen was because a computer said your life and knowledge was more important than theirs. I have found that pondering over the chaos of those last few days has only brought me grief and guilt. I do see hope in the now burning world. With humanity almost completely destroyed by the almost 100 mile meteorite, I feel that natural life might find itself again in that world. Without the disturbance of the human race.

I now sit upon a small ark. Containing only my four colleagues and I. We need to get into our cryo pods soon, so that the 100,000 year trip can pass as if it was only a blink in our eyes. We head for the planet Haedrix 754, we have seen slight evidence of it being livable. It is our only chance at survival.

                 Goodnight Little journal. Hopefully i’ll write in you again.


March 17th 5:30 pm Year 99,998

Hello journal, i’m back...I woke up and found all the others dead which is strange, because i’m still here. I’m the only I feel...uneasy...alone...I can’t’s too quiet...I can hear the ringing in my ears and it feels like someone is putting the end of a knife in my ear and slowly spinning it. I’ve never felt my stomach hurt so much. I’ve been trying to use the radio to see if I can pick up anyone else that’s out there but I doubt it. I feel as if there is no hope for me...i’m lucky if I actually find someone...out there and they're looking for me like i’m looking for them.

That’s it for now journal, i’ll be back...hopefully…


September 5  3: 46 pm 99,998

Hello Journal. It’s been a very long time since I have thought to write in you. In the months since my last entry i have made quite a bit of progress. I stole one of my partners music devices. I know all 389 songs word for word, beat for beat. I have begun to believe that i live a little bit through this music.  With these songs i get my chance to, relive the times in which earth flourished. It’s so strange missing feelings. I don’t get angry anymore. I miss being pestered. I miss being aggravated by some other living thing. To be fair i just miss interaction. Over the past few months i have kept myself healthy by working out on the machines we brought with us. As far as food goes, I have no more meat left. It all went bad. All i have left are certain vegetables and I only have enough for maybe another year. If i stretch it out. I have listened to the radio every night for the past 3 months. Hoping for connection, For words. Sometimes I hear thing from it. Growling, sounds of ripping and tearing. After maybe 3 days of no sleep I finally discovered that this was due to the radiation from a nearby star. But i like talking to it, the radio. It makes its noises, indicating speech, and i like to pretend it’s talking. It gives me hope.

Goodnight again journal. I think i'm gonna go listen to the stars for a while.


January 10 5:00 am 99,999

There was an old saying amongst humans. It started with the great Romans. They would pray and say “Nobiscum Deus”. Then followed the Russians and their empire, they gathered at their great churches and said “С Hами Бог”.  The germans in time of war cried                   “ Gott Mit Uns” in hope to inspire their soldiers. So, as the american I am, I will say it in my language. One last hope full sentence. God is with us. The only problem is I don’t think he is little journal. I think he has forsaken us. We have taken his name and darkened it with blood over our history. I just hope that he will make one last return. One last miracle.  Without it i doubt that i will find myself alive by the time i reach the planet. By the way, the funniest thing happened. My stomach has begun to hurt even more. Dizzyingly so. I might just go get something to eat.

Goodbye little journal. God be with us.


January 14 2:00 am 99,999

Journal the most amazing thing happened. I found other people!! And just in time, i had run out of food. We talked for so very long, Jackson and Jessica. They were the only ones who survived on their ship. Luckily they had excess supplies and sent me a small care package. I have never ate so much before. I ate much more than I thought i could. But my stomach still hurts, even more now. I think i should examine that but i’ll get to it later. We discovered that all the cryo pods were actually a little bit defective. Luckily many have survived!! Eighty of the original 125 have survived. I have even seen that humanity persists! Jessica is pregnant and Jackson is all too happy about it.

There we have it little journal. A miracle.


October 28 2:33 am

Journal, i have discovered what it feels like to be a monster. I sit in front of you and write in shame. Let me start with what happened. We had discovered that we must head through an asteroid field. We thought we could do it but their navigations broke. So i had to tell them which way to steer, how to turn and accelerate. This worked for a while until i saw one hurtling straight at us. I was then faced with a choice. Maneuver them in front of me and survive,Or take the meteor. You must understand dear journal, i was so scared. I didn’t want to die. So, i told them to maneuver themselves out of the way. I gave them the directions and watched. It was quick little journal. No fire, no explosion. Just a great crash and then their ship fell apart. No scream, no crying. Just silence and bent metal. I made it out of the asteroid field soon after. I then went on to examine my stomach to find  the cause of my pain. It turns out that a parasite had made it aboard my ship. It was what killed my colleagues i'm sure. So now here i am. With a creature in my stomach, and only 3 months to the planet.

Goodnight journal, maybe tonight i will find dreams instead of my friends.


January 1 7:00 pm

Hello journal. Again it appears that i am in quite the situation. I have a parasite writhing through my intestines. The guilt of both leaving behind a planet, and killing a family. And now, now i have found Haedrix. This great ball of green life has come into my vision. I am in so much pain i doubt i can safely land this thing. If i do not, then at least i find rest. My dear journal i am going to put you in my cryo pod. In there you are safe. Even if i do crash. So this is my final goodnight. My last run. If i do land safely i will turn myself into the others that land. Hopefully they can help me.

Goodnight little journal, May we both find good rest.












The End

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