Part OneMature

Two teenagers head to Washington DC to fight for their freedom after being held captive in a slave penitentiary since the age of eight and escaping their prison. Together, they must fight to survive to the final round.

"Run," I heard as I inhaled deeply before sprinting. 

I ran as hard as I could as I overheard the police dogs barking behind me, who were increasing their pace as they followed us out of the tunnel away from the store we had just robbed.

"Faster; you can make it," Kevin encouraged.

"But what about-" 

I was cut off as the dog's teeth took my leg out from under me. It had bitten my calf, and the smell of blood began to fill my nostrils. Kevin ran to my aid with his sword and beat the dog with the sword's blunted hilt until it retreated, whimpering in pain. The last thing I saw was his face and the stars dancing in the night sky as the world faded black. I awoke in the forest, wearing the same white and navy uniform shirt and white pleated skirt, navy converses, but adding bandages on my leg. I could see the orange sky as the sun rose above the horizon. The forest was still green and full of life.

"Here's breakfast," Kevin smiled, giving me scrambled eggs and bacon on a plate. 

He still wore his white collared uniform shirt, black pants, and black leather shoes we had from the slave penitentiary we escaped from two months before. We carried our swords and bags everywhere ever since we had escaped from the slave penitentiary in Boston, where we came from. We had robbed stores to satisfy what we needed and wanted. Our faces were covered with sweat; our feet were blistered and calloused, and the same with our hands. 

"You'll be fine." He noticed I was staring at my leg.

"How will I fight, or walk?"

"It's not broken, only bruised badly," he said, fingering his light brown hair.

"Thanks," I replied. "Do you know where a nearby stream is?"

"Follow me," he led me through the forest after I finished my meal.

I removed the bandages from my leg, and stood on both legs. I winced as I tried to run towards him. I really wanted to at least clean myself. He walked farther into the forest before we reached a bubbling brook.

"Here," he said nodding towards the water.

I stared at him for a while, hoping he'd get the hint. He stood there for a while before I finally spoke. 

"You can go now."

"Oh, sorry about that."

After he left, I undressed myself, got some lavender soap, which I had stolen from a shop, and cleaned myself. I got out of the cold water, got dressed into the same clothes, sprayed on some stolen perfume, applied some stolen cosmetics, and dried my blonde hair. Playing with my blonde hair, I walked towards Kevin, and he turned around holding a sheet of paper, astonished and smiling. 

"You look pretty cute, I mean no beautiful, or...Um, anywho, we are near Arlington."

Why is complimenting me? Doesn't he think I am a nuisance to him? He never showed any interest before.

"What's the paper say?" I asked blushing, but trying to ignore what Kevin had said, then taking the paper in my hands I read.

Government Contest Being Held In Washington DC
Ages from twelve to eighteen can participate in the fight for their freedom. There will be multiple rounds of sword fighting. The first round's losers will be sent back to slavery penitentiary, but in the final rounds, it will be a fight to the death. Ready your weapons and see if you can last until the final round.

"Kevin, look, they are holding a contest for freedom. We have a chance to be free."

"Abby, there is no point. The government is crooked, and ever since the economy went to shit, they have been using kids to sell to countries everywhere. It's fucking stupid"

"But we have a chance," I said quietly.

"Only one of us can win," he added.

"Fuck it! I'm going to DC! I'm going to win, even if you're not there with me!" I spat bitterly, but quiet enough for him to barely hear.

I limped away from him, away from my feelings for Kevin, and away from Arlington, towards Washington DC. Fine. I thought. If he doesn't come I can win, even when it hurts to leave him behind.

"Wait up," he called to me, grabbing my right wrist.

"Let go of me!" 

"Abby, don't be so stubborn..."

"You just shut the fuck up! It's not like you actually care!"

I knew he wouldn't watch me walk away from him. He couldn't handle leaving me to fend for myself when I was injured.

"Let's go then," I replied jogging away and felt the pain throbbing in my calf.

"That's not fair," Kevin said. "You ignore me, and then you get a head start."

"It's not fair you can remember everything before you were gassed! You can remember your life, the fall of the economy, everything."

He stepped in front of me, stopped, and sadly stared at me, "I don't want to remember, it's horrible. I remember us being chased out of our classroom by men in white suits and gas masks, and our teachers standing there watching us being cuffed and gagged by the men as gas had filled the room," he said. "I remember us being taken to the penitentiary and receiving our uniforms. We lost all our family. Now we are eighteen years old, yet we have no rights,  and we have no idea who is running this so-called government."

He stood there staring at me as tears were pouring from my eyes, and then he put his hand on my face and kissed me. He stopped, I met his eyes, and he kissed me again. I grabbed his face, pulling it towards mine. He backed away surprised, as I flushed. We began walking again in silence. Around sunset, we had spotted a toll both on a road that lead into Washington DC.

"How do we get through? I mean, we have some money, but I plan to keep it. It took forever to plan how to rob that store, and I don't feel like trying again," I exclaimed. "I got my leg bit by the police dogs because we got caught stealing!"

"We'll have to hide on the other side of the vehicles that pass through and follow them without being seen."

"Let's go, here comes a Humvee." I nodded.

We slowly crept behind the moving vehicle, staying behind the wheel to be sure to be unseen. As soon as the vehicle halted, we did too, and after we were past the toll booth, we hid behind some bushes.

"Sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to-"he began.

I shut him up by kissing him and didn't stop until he put his hands on my shoulders, as if he was trying to push me away, and said, 
"Stop, I can't."

"You mean you won't. Am I not a good kisser?"

"It's not like that."

There was no compromise. I was already cross with Kevin, and I began to storm away. I had seen a sign, pointing towards the Pentagon where the contest would be held. The building was in ruins, but the government was too greedy to repair it. I loped towards the Pentagon, getting away from Kevin. I was furious that he could kiss me, but it was not okay when I kissed him.God, guys piss me off! Then I noticed an older man standing alone by the entrance.

"No entries are left."

"Well too bad," I responded to the stout man standing by the door. "I'm here to enter, whether your arrogant self likes it or not!"

"Feisty aren't you? You are arrogant yourself," the fat bastard insulted me.

How dare he? I stabbed the man in the lower abdomen with my small dagger, and then he choked and coughed up his own blood as he fell to his knees gasping for air as death claimed his life. I watched as he died. Feeling some what proud, I dragged his lifeless body by the collar of his shirt around to the back of the Pentagon and into the shrubbery. I found a steel door and opened it, gaining entry to the contest. As I entered, Katelyn and Tyson, two bystanders, glared at me. Their uniforms were like ours, but a burnt yellow instead of navy. We began to quarrel because I was 'breaking the rules'. I then saw an opportunity. If I kill her I can use her name, and if he kills Tyson he can use his name. I whispered into Kevin's ear, still some-what angry, and he nodded his head.

I lunged at the girl, missing her purposely. Katelyn drew a long sword, and Tyson drew out a mace. They both circled Kevin and me. Katelyn lunged at me, I grabbed her sword's hilt and twisted it until I heard her wrist crack. She screamed in agony, dropping her weapon. I grabbed it, came towards her, but said, "Get out of the contest and I will spare your life, and make you a splint for your wrist. Wait outside the Pentagon for Kevin and I."

"Alright, I'll do it. Just please don't kill my brother, Tyson. He's all I have left," Katelyn begged me, crying heavily.

I looked to Kevin, he nodded. Tyson made his way over to his sister, and knelt beside her.

"I'm Tyson, and I'm eighteen. My sister is fourteen, and we've been on the run. We escaped a penitentiary in Florida."

"I am sorry, just wait for Kevin and I. We will come back, and we can stay together. As a group."

"But wait! What about Jason!" Katelyn shrieked looking worried.

"Who is he?" Kevin questioned, furrowing his brow.

"He is her boyfriend, please. That's my last request, and he's really strong," Tyson answered.

"Alright," I answered calmly, understanding the girl's feelings for a boy.

We turned around to notice a big figure standing against the door. It was a boy, tall, broad shoulders, wearing same uniforms as Tyson and Katelyn. He walked over to Katelyn, and made her a splint with the supplies we gave them. The couple smiled, and Tyson nodded for us to go.

We walked into the Pentagon, facing the arena, and just in time.

"Next up Tyson and Levi shall battle," said the announcer.

I stopped paying attention. Kevin had used Tyson's name. Kevin won each time Tyson was called. Katelyn was called, and my first opponent was a twelve year old, deranged African girl.

"Katelyn and Isis will fight next."

I walked to the arena, staring at my opponent. The bell rang. I lunged at her, full speed, and hit her in the ribs with the blade of my sword, leaving a bruise. I knocked her hip out of place with hilt, banging it against her hip until she screamed. She laid there on the ground bleeding from her ribs, smiling crazily. She tried getting back up, but failed as her hip jutted out in an unnatural manner. She coughed up blood onto the platform. As they dragged her in cuffs, she cackled, and a chill crawled down my spine.

"What a strange thing," the announcer commented. "Tyson and Blad will fight."

Blad came my way, checked me out, and winked at me. In return I winked back, kicked him between the legs, and he walked towards the platform cursing,

"Damn, bitch. All the ones with nice asses are bitches."

I intently watched as Kevin's face turned red. He lunged at Blad, severed Blad's hand off with his sword. Kevin stood above Blad looking pleased before he took the hilt of his sword and forced it in between Blad's eyes. Blad died instantly, and Kevin came to me, sat down, and looking some-what relieved. By that time, most of the younger contestants were cuffed and taken away, and by the final rounds hardly anyone was left except bulkier guys. I watched as they murdered each other, fighting to the death as more blood spilled onto the platform.

I watched as the men in white suits and gas masks carried away limp bodies to a room. The men had no expression, and they seemed more like machines because of their jerky motions. It was down to the last few people as I watched the announcer smile as even more blood trickled on the platform. I suspected that asshole to be the bastard controlling everything from the penitentiary to the government.

"Katelyn and Jacobi," he said.

I walked onto the platform, seeing a wasted boy about my age covered with scars carrying a silver and blood-spattered sword. He lunged at me but slid on the pool of blood around him. I didn't want to slaughter him, but I was striving to survive and fight to win my freedom, so I did it. I raised my sword and watched his mouth open as I beheaded him. The announcer and the two people left gasped in surprise as I handed the man in the white suit and the gas mask the head of my lifeless challenger.

I walked off the platform, seeing the two people remaining, a husky man and Kevin. Kevin, stupid Kevin. Why doesn't he feel the same way? I thought bitterly as I felt an ache in my chest.

"Tyson and Devin," the announcer said.

This time I watched after the bell rang as Kevin fought brutally, barely avoiding the sword of his rival. Devin caught Kevin off guard, and cut him right above the eye. Kevin then dragged his feet back and forth in the blood pool. He seemed to be ice skating, because he glided across the blood on his feet, trying to a good angle get under his opponent. Finally he ran, slid on his knees under Devin and split his foe right in half.

"Tyson and Katelyn," the announcer seemed pleased. "Which one shall live the boy or the girl?"

I slowly approached the platform looking into Kevin's eyes. The bell rang; I charged and swung my sword. I was so infuriated that I was weeping, and I couldn't see. I gave up and sat on my knees on the ground. He stood in front of me, looking into my hazel eyes. 

"Do it," I dared him. "Just kill me, Kevin."

"I can't Abby."

"Why? It was so easy for you to shove me away!"

"Because," he continued softly as he knelt down beside me as if I had said nothing. "I love you, Abby. I can't murder you and live with that weight on my shoulders."

"I love you too, Kevin," I said to him, while I lay my sword down and gripped onto my dagger.

"What are you doing?" Kevin said, moving his hands on the hilt of my dagger. "You're going to get yourself killed."

"I know," I replied sniveling.

"I can't," Kevin cried out as he too shed tears.

"I know, so I will help." 

Putting my hands on his, grasping the handle of my own dagger, I plunged the dagger's blade into my chest. I felt the unbearable pain as I pierced my own skin. The blood began to pour out of me like water.

"Abby! No! Don't go; stay with me please. What have you done?"

"If I had to choose between loving and being with you, and death, I'd use my last breath to say I love you. I love you Kevin," I whispered as I felt my eyes became heavy. 

Kevin sobbed as I took in the my final breath on the final round of my life. The darkness slowly consumed me.

The End

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