Final Memory

If only I could erase my heart.

I can erase all memories pertaining to you from my mind, both the good and the bad. But it seems my heart is the only thing that clings to you, and it kills me because I don't want to cling to you anymore. Maybe if I just take this knife sitting beside me and ram into my heart and carve it wouldn't work.

Do you know why?

Because I need to save my heart and live to see a new day, without you. It hurts a little don't get me wrong. But you've become me, and I don't like me.


You've become the old me, the deceitful me, the incarnation of wrongness. I don't like that me. I left that behind long ago. So if your that version of me, then why would I want to remember you?

Maybe now...

Maybe now I know what it was like to be you, but I don't care anymore, I figured you were better than this, but obviously you are not. So take my pain..

Drink it up..

Take my pain and infuse it with your own sorrow, I want you to feel it. It's better than me hating you, but I don't think I can nessicarrily like you either.

So I'm erasing you from my memory, every last memory. Well...only one will remain, but that memory is locked away within the deep dark recesses of my heart. I'm moving on now like you wanted me to. Perhaps I'm a little slow to do as directed, but now I'm doing it because I don't see the point in pursuing you anymore.

I loved you. Maybe I still do. Only I will know.


The End

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