My writing style has always been a bit crass but the intentions and outcome true honest and unforgiving. This assignment was truly the hardest of my life but lead to an open door and a meeting of beauty, which without I don’t believe could have ever, happened. Believe it or not for the first time in my life I wrote about honesty. I went to school the final day and handed in a one-page report on life of a mediocre student, I titled it “HONESTY”

  * *

HONESTY by Thomas Miller-Young 

I could spend my time speaking in undertones and metaphors, wasting my breath and lying my way through another meaningless essay, as i have time and again, but I have been thinking and your class has turned me inside out. I know you probably don’t even know who I am, but I am hurt, lost and angry, though you would even know my name. My name is Thomas Owen Miller-Young but you will know me best if you call me Franklin Owen. I am a mediocre student and have never been honest a day in my life. My best friend is the man that looks back from the other side of the mirror and you don’t even want to hear what he has to say about me, I have been lost in a continuous world of foggy confusion and late night crying sessions lately. I know you won’t care and I am not going to pass this essay but you have to know that I have thought long and hard about your request and can not complete the requirements.

I am not original.

I have lived sixteen years under the impression I could get by without notice and so far I haven’t done badly. The only things which are original will never change and if I haven’t found it yet, I am sorry to say you will not hear it here. I am not completely sure I would be willing to share that.

In closing I know I am to you FRANKLYN OWEN

  * * *

That was the first time I had referred to myself as Franklin and from that point it stuck.

I dropped the report on her desk the final day and left.

I never came back.

I sometimes wish I could have heard back but I know nothing good could have come from this. 

The End

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