Final "Life As We Knew It" Analization Chapters 16-21

In these final few chapters of the novel "life As We Knew It" we discover the true feelings and thoughts of the characters. We also discover how they think life is going to be from now on.

 In these final chapters we learn many things and begin to understand how life is going to be for them from now on. The most important thing we learned is that no matter what happens you have to keep your mind clear and stick together to survive. We also learn that under circumstances people can change in a short matter of time. It might be for the better or the worse. Such as Jon or Miranda. When her mom and jonny are sick, she steps up and takes care of them and many other duties that she wasn't intending on doing. This shows there many forces that influence people to do what they do. This can be related to real life, where people are influenced by forces such as work, people, or situations. We can change in time, short or longer, but it is a massive change. So when miranda faces a difficult situation, like it being winter and her family is sick and depending on her. She gets a choice to help or stay like she is.  

The End

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