Script 5

Back to player controlling Phoenix, moving down a street, fighting random encounters.


Ourana: "I have a visual on Private Vale. A situation has developed in the conflict, we weren't expecting the presence of an awakened beast on the battlefield. Frontier HQ has sent down a mission. Amos' identity has been compromised."

Phoenix: "By compromised, you mean... they know he can use magic?"

Ourana: "Yes. He is being held hostage by the awakened beast and is going to be extracted. They are also threatening to kill him if we don't withdraw."

Phoenix: "Extracted?"

Ourana: "Surveillence has confirmed their location is at the top of the PrimaCorp agrigultural research building. Several pterosaurs are en route. Foxtrot wants you to retrieve Private Amos before they land."

Phoenix: "How long do we have."

Ourana: "ETA 15 minutes."

Phoenix: "Isn't this like putting all your eggs in one basket? What if we all get captured?"

Ourana: "I don't make the decisions, I just tell you them."

Layna: "Don't worry, Phoenix, even if this wasn't an order, it's something we just have to do!"

Phoenix: *She made it sound so simple. Maybe it's because she doesn't think.* "It's an awakened beast, Layna. Don't just brush it off."

Layna: "So it can think slightly better than the other animals, what's the big deal?"

Phoenix: "..." [turns away] *I knew what the big deal was. I had met one. And though it was years ago now, I think that encounter still shapes who I am today.*

Layna: "Whatever it is, we'll just have to face it when it comes! We're going to save Amos!"

During the following conversation, Phoenix and Layna round a corner and the tall PrimaCorp tower comes into view. The enter and take an elevator up. They exit, and then take some stairs up to the roof, though a door. The roof is a large expanse suited for helicopter landings. Amos is lying unconscious in the middle of a scene of carnage. His team mates have been ripped into pieces. A middle-aged man is standing there in a black suit. His yellow hair is matted and dreadlocked to shoulder length. He turns around when he hears them enter. His face is clean-shaven, but deformed -his nose is nonexistent, just holes (like an ape). His hands are covered in fur. [Though he seems like a respectable human, closer inspection will reveal that he is animalistic, indeed 1st gens are like wild animals that tried to have been tamed]

The End

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