Script 4

Layna: "Impeccable timing as always, Phoenix."

Phoenix [Option]: 

1.       "Layna! Are you alright?" [+ Nice]

Layna: "I'm fine. You should be more worried about yourself. Poor form back there, Phoenix, poor form."

2.       "I'm never one to miss a party." [+ Impulsive]

Layna: "And quite the entrance you made to it, too."

3.       "Seriously Layna, how can you joke after you just almost died? Are you hurt?"  [+ Rational]

Layna [joking]: "If I didn't laugh, I'd cry."

Sergeant Lucas: "Those were some moves you pulled back there, Phoenix."

Phoenix [sheepishly/modestly]: "I guess."

Layna: "Don't compliment him, it'll go to his head!"

Sergeant Lucas: "Ourana, the street is clear, rendezvous with Avalon fireteam complete. Awaiting further instructions."

Layna's jovial expression suddenly fades to a worried look. She moves over to whisper to Phoenix.

Layna [whispers]: "Phoenix, something is wrong. I think I have this connection to my brother. I feel like something has happened to him."

Phoenix: *This was not the first time the three of us had felt a link of clairvoyance to each other.* [Option]:

1.       "I feel it too. There's no time to waste, let's go!" [+ Impulsive]

Phoenix and Layna abandon their fireteam, disappearing into the dust cloud. As they are running, Ourana suddenly interrupts.

Ourana: "Phoenix, what are you doing? You are not authorised to leave your fireteam's combat zone."

Phoenix: "I don't give a damn about the combat zone, Amos needs our help."

Ourana: " Phoenix! There could be serious consequences for this, not just for you two, but for me as well as your operator, did you think about that?"

Phoenix: "I'm sorry Ourana, but there is more at stake here than our jobs. Can you find out if anything has happened to Amos' fireteam?"

Ourana: "[sighs] Ok hold on. [pause] We lost contact with fireteam Castle a few minutes ago. I'll mark their last point of contact on your map."

Phoenix: "Thanks, Ourana."

Ourana: "That's alright. I'm going to try and straighten things out with Command HQ, so you'll be on your own for a bit. Ourana out."

2.       "We can't just desert in the middle of a misison. Hold on, I'll talk to Ourana." [+ Rational] [speaks into HUD mic] "Ourana, I'm requesting permission for Layna and I to form a separate fire-and-manoeuvre team. We believe something has happened to Amos."

Ourana: "I'll see what I can do, Phoenix."

Layna: "Come on..." [tugs Phoenix's hand, Phoenix pulls his hand away and looks at her angrily]

Ourana: "It's your lucky day, Phoenix, orders just came back from Foxtrot High Command; you have permission to form a separate taskforce with the mission to find and secure Private Amos Vale. We lost contact with his fireteam several minutes ago, I'll mark their last point of contact on your map."

3.       "Some members of our fireteams are hurt, I can't just leave them." [+ Nice]

Layna: "Are you freaking kidding me? Who cares about them!? Fine, I'll do it myself." Layna runs off.

Phoenix: "Hey, what, Layna wait!"

Sergeant Lucas: "Ourana, Private Layna Vale just went AWOL. Requesting orders."

Ourana: "Phoenix, I'm going to get permission for you to go after her, hold on. [pause] Ok, Phoenix you have permission to leave your team, they'll be alright by themselves. Your mission is to track down Layna."

Phoenix runs off into the dust, following Layna. He catches up to her and finds her waiting for him.

Layna: "I knew you'd come around."

Phoenix: "U...huh?"

Layna: "Quick, let's go!"

The End

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