Script 3

The Player fights his way up Broad Street. At the end, Ourana radios again.

Ourana: "Avalon fireteam is being pushed back by heavy resistance. They are east of your position, and are requesting assistance. You are the closest fireteam in the area. You have 10 minutes to reach their position."

Phoenix: *Avalon was Layna's fireteam. I briefly considered running off without my comrades. Ourana quickly put the thought out of my mind.*

The words, 'Phoenix, stay with your team.' appear on the top left of the screen.

The Player must fight to Avalon's position with a time limit. Every second taken counts towards Frontier rank.

There is a cut scene when the player reaches the position marked on the map. It is at the end of a dark alleyway between two streets. Phoenix bursts out of it into bright sunlight. Layna is firing arrows frantically fast at monsters. The rest of her fireteam is engaging them in melee combat. Two of them are already dead, one of them is injured as Phoenix is sprinting to engage. Because of this, their line breaks and runs backwards, leaving Layna exposed to a charging animal attack. Phoenix reaches her just in time and cuts off its head as it lunges, then proceeds to cut his way forward through a charge of monsters with extreme dexterity, with Layna supporting him. Phoenix's team arrives, and the Avalon fireteam rallies. The nine of them manage to hold back the tide of animals, though there is an endless stampede coming down the street.

Sergeant Lucas: "Danger close artillery strike in 20 seconds, move!" He indicates an alleyway on the other side of the street, between two concrete buildings, which they fight their way towards through a sea of monsters. When they reach it, they sprint away from the street.

Camera switches to view of street. Artillery rips through the street. Extremely short high pitched whistling of rain gun artillery shells heard as they crash (faster than sound). The street is destroyed in seconds and becomes a cloud of dust, and still the shells keep falling. Many of the monsters are caught in the carnage, the few surviving ones toward the far end of the street quickly scatter.

Camera returns to hunters who have dived onto the ground in the alleyway. A cloud of dust is in the air, making it impossible to see very far. Someone coughs. Phoenix is the first to get back up, and moves to help Layna.

The End

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