Script 2

Sergeant Lucas: "Clip in ladies."

Camera is no longer 1st person. 3rd person looking at Phoenix and the hunter beside him clipping onto ropes.

Private Presley: "See you on the other side, Phoenix."

He holds out his hand to shake. Phoenix nods with a smile, but does not shake his hand. Looking below is the town of Esterya, animals are already running amok in the streets, wreaking havoc by burning buildings. Artillery shells can be heard and seen bombarding the plain outside of the city. The team jumps out of the helicopter and abseils to the ground on Broad Street.

End of FMV, beginning of player controlled gameplay. The fireteam is in the middle of a slightly futuristic, but still normal commercial street, with shops on either side, but no people are seen anywhere. Ropes drop down beside them, and the helicopter flies off. The group looks slightly unsure of what to do, they are used to being hunters, not soldiers.

Sergeant Lucas: "I know we're all more at home in a forest than we are in a city, but you've been trained for this. Stick to the mission; move to the embassy, kill anything that moves. Phoenix, take point."

The Player controls Phoenix. Sergeant Lucas and Private Presley are unable to be controlled, but fight in your party. The Player must move down street fighting random encounters with monsters that have invaded the city.

Once player reaches the embassy courtyard objective, Sergeant Lucas radios: "Ourana, we've secured the embassy."

Ourana [can be heard in everyone's HUD]: "Maintain control of this zone. Intel reports medical supplies have been left at various locations. I will mark them on your map. Use them at your discretion."

Presley: "We have a new operator?"

Phoenix: "She's been my operator since my first hunt." *She was also the closest thing I had to a mother. She had found me in my darkest hour, and since then had been the only person, I think, to understand who I am."

Sergeant Lucas: "Morgan, Rockworth, Hilbert, hold this location. Presley, Phoenix, on me, we're obtaining those supplies."

On the Player's map [press TRIANGLE to bring menu in HUD style] will be marked treasure locations. Treasure is not in chests, rather, specific objects glow so that the player knows they are able to interact with them (ie cabinets).The Player must obtain these treasures. When the Player returns to the embassy courtyard, another mission is received.

Ourana: "Sergeant Lucas, Satellite indicates multiple hostiles inbound to your position, deal with this threat."

The Player fights a series of battles against monsters. When this is over, the fireteam takes a rest. Presley takes off his helmet, panting, and drinks from a water bottle. Phoenix remains undisturbed, not even out of breath.

Presley: "How do you do it Phoenix, you're a machine!"

Phoenix: "Tiredness is a thought, Presley. Your body is for doing, not for thinking. That's your mind's job. Separate them."

Presley [smiling]: "You're so full of s***, you know that?"

Phoenix does not respond, a serious expression remains on his face. The scene is broken by Ourana on the radio.

Ourana: "Spectre, you have a new mission. Advance north up Broad Street, engage all targets."

The group is still exhausted from just having to fight off a wave of monsters, and looks slightly apprehensive.

Sergeant Lucas: "You heard the lady, let's move out gents."

The End

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