Script 1

I realise this script needs a lot of 'fleshing out'. I am trying to get from situation to situation as quickly as possible to get the general story out.

* Denotes Phoenix is speaking to himself / the player.

FMV sequence.

Phoenix: *They say that one mutated gene is the reason humans have language, and chimpanzees, our closest relative, do not. Conversely, one mutated gene is the reason animals have supernatural abilities, and humans do not. For decades humanity has examined its own genome, along with that of many different animals, to find out why common animals exhibit extraordinary talents. Self regeneration, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, and clairvoyance are but some of the ways that animals have found to manipulate their environment. Twenty-two years ago, they found the answer. They called it the 'Magic Gene'. I [pause] am the result of this research. And I know of two others like me; the twins, Layna and Amos. Together, we are finding out just what we are capable of. Every day we find out more about ourselves. But today will be the day that our journey begins.*

Voice of Phoenix speaks while visual images play of DNA, then of animal DNA zooming out to animal cell, to an animal creating a fireball, then zooming out from the fireball to the eye of Phoenix.

Noise of a helicopter slowly grows.

Sergeant Lucas: "Stop daydreaming private and get your HUD down, I don't want to have to look at your face."

HUD moves down to cover eye. 'Initializing...' written backwards. HUD light blue, white letters.

Sergeant Lucas: "I want everybody to know our mission. ETA twenty minutes."

Camera moves out, showing that Phoenix is sitting in an open transport helicopter, with 5 other people. They are all wearing urban combat camouflage similar to that of modern day soldiers. Camera zooms out, showing a fleet of helicopters flying over a sea below, with a huge air craft carrier seen behind. Camera sweeps 180 degrees. Pans over water, approaching a grassland with a city and some surrounding towns. Camera sweeps over grassland, over town, up to mountains, where a huge army of animals is seen gathering. 180 degree pan back to look at town. Screen fade to white with title 'Final Fantasy'.

'Operation Pandora' appears in the top left. Screen fades to view through Phoenix's eyes of the view from the helicopter, with HUD overlay (which is what the writing is).

'This is the first major assault by the armies of Gaia on a region of the UCH within range of naval artillery fire support. It is likely that the animals know of human rail gun projectile weapons, but believe this region to be out of range.

The primary objective is the defense of the Antiras region and its towns, most importantly Esterya, as it has a Frontier research outpost, and is the most likely target according to satellite intelligence. Civilians have been evacuated but if any are encountered, their extraction is your secondary objective.

This region is a grassland plain used mainly for agriculture - fireteams in rural locations should confirm hostile intentions before engaging animal targets.

Fireteams can request artillery support on enemy positions through their operator. The animals have opened Pandora's Box, and out of it will pour our overwhelming force.

Alfa Company - Spectre Fireteam Objective

Secure your point of insertion, the SPL embassy, and the adjacent Broad Street. This is a main road through Esterya. The LZ will be hot by the time you arrive. Refer to the satellite map on your HUD for location details. Your missions may be updated by your operator if events or circumstances change.


Your team is unaware of your abilities. You are not authorised to use magic unless under life threatening circumstances. Your performance in this mission will be used to judge your potential for team leadership and updates to Frontier rank. Good Luck.'

The writing disappears and the screen focuses back on the helicopter.

The End

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