Characters forming the Sierra (secret) fireteam

Leon 'Phoenix' Ayres (22) Team Leader

Older than all of the other characters by several years, he grew up on the UCS Hope under close supervision. He is close friends with the Vale family, as the three of them have from childhood been undergoing special training beyond military standards to hone their magical ability. His personality can be decided by the player to be either impulsive and chivalric, kind and caring, or intelligent and independent. No matter the player's choice, he always displays an inner strength. He also has an extreme mental personal barrier and physical 'intimate zone' surrounding him such that he does not like anyone touching him, due to a traumatic incident as a child (incident mentioned in previous paragraph). For this reason he insists people name him by his callsign Phoenix, unless he and a friend are in a private situation.

Favoured magic (like left-hand vs right-hand): Fire. Weapon: Sword

Layna Vale (20)

Also growing up on the UCS Hope, she is the sister of Amos. She has an optimistic, though often overly excitable and happy (bordering on annoying) personality. However these traits also tend to make her impatient and frustrated if people do not listen to or agree with her. She is head-strong and impulsive, and her recklessness is of some concern to Frontier.

Favoured magic: Wind. Weapon: Bow

Amos Vale (20)

Grew up on the UCS Hope with his sister Layna. He is extremely protective of his sister, viewing himself as her personal knight, and wants to make sure no harm comes to her. Because of this stern exterior personality, he is often the butt of his sister's jokes which always reveal his soft interior caused by his sister's happiness rubbing off on him.

Ideas for jokes

1.       How it was Layna who ended up saving Amos in the 1st mission

Favoured magic: Lightning. Weapon: Spear

Adara Marquis (20)

She is an incredibly nice person to the point of being naively innocent. Wanting to be kind and help everyone, she is sometimes taken advantage of due to her selflessness and dislike of causing distress or hurt. She is often understanding of people when the rest of the team is not. She grew up in a town on the outskirts of the Medigaianean, though under constant surveilance by Frontier, to see what effect, if any, growing up with absolutely no knowledge that she has extraordinary talents, would have. She and Layna become close friends.

Favoured magic: Earth. Weapon: Staff


Thaine Rhodes (20)

Originally growing up in Dalis, the largest city in the UCH (the capital of the SPL), he ran away from home at the age of 17 and from then on lived in seclusion on the Northern frontier, in a wild west region known as Oasis Valley. This character is based on Malcolm Reynolds crossed with Indiana Jones. Extremely dashing, he is a rogue, entirely out for himself, reflected in his choice of living in a harsh western environment. He is unwilling to help and seems to have little interest in them apart from being paid as their guide. He wears a fedora hat.

Favoured magic: Water. Weapon: Whip

Alyssa Kaelin (19)

When Frontier needed funding due to its recent costly venture into in-vitro fertilisation, it offered the fruits of its genetic program to a few of the wealthiest people in the world. Sir Cassius Kaelin, CEO of PrimaCorp, SPL's largest engineering company, was the first civilian who paid to have a genetically altered daughter, using his and his wife's genes. The military was, by contract, unable to have any involvement with her after she was 9 months old. Originally the military planned to secretly keep surveillance on her, however the Kaelin family suddenly disappeared to an unknown location, from which Sir Cassius continues to remotely oversee his company. (Numerous hackers have tried unsuccessfully to find his location).

Shortly after Alyssa's creation, Frontier's genetic program was unexpectedly terminated, and no more humans with magical enhancements were created.

Alyssa superficially has no personality; she keeps her emotions in check at all times. She has a maturity well beyond her years, often chastising her older team mates for being immature or stupid (mutual dislike with Layna). At first many people dislike her because, although she never says explicitly, people think that she believes herself better than other people, because she is intelligent, beautiful, and from a predominant family. She does not talk much, again being interpreted as arrogance. She respects and tries to encourage those around her to be rational, intelligent, strong, and independent, traits which she herself upholds to the best of her ability. She despises incompetence.

Favoured magic: Ice. Weapon: Fists

The End

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