Where my plot is going (Spoilers!)

The reason the animals are attacking humanity is because of Frontier's research program. 50 years ago was when Frontier was created. (Back then it was just the Department of Frontier Research). It captured animals and experimented on them. It is unknown at the present time that animals can communicate telepathically, and so captured animals were sending out their distress to all intelligent animals in the vicinity. (Magic ability decays proportional to distance). This brought the wrath of the animal kingdom upon humanity, however at first the attacks were unorganised, seemingly just an increase in animal hostility, and life went on as normal.

It is revealed that the 6 characters are not the only humans in the world able to use magic; they are the second generation of prototype humans. The 1st generation was created some 40 years before the present day, though none now exist in Frontier.

Apes with magical ability were taken to study in the human genome project trying to create magical human. It was found that some varieties of apes were still able to cross-breed with humans. Frontier's 1st generation of prototype humans with supernatural abilities were created by direct reproduction with female apes. (Human mothers terminated cross-bred foetuses). The terrifying images of the experiments of these apes being forced to grow semi-human babies circulated telepathically around the animal kingdom.

The first generation (1st Gen) was initially a success (created 40 years ago). Along with being magically able, they were intelligent, could talk, were self-aware, and could function as a normal human in every way except their appearance; they still looked like apes because they were incredibly hairy. However many of them started going rogue 15 years ago. When images of their mother being experimented upon reached them telepathically, many of them exterminated their fireteam and went to live with the animals.

The second generation (2nd Gen) was created by genetically altering the human DNA to incorporate the isolated gene found in animals that enabled supernatural alteration of environment. They were also genetically altered to be 'superior human beings', with superior physical and mental attributes. They were grown in-vitro, as human mothers consistently rejected foetuses with magical abilities.

12 years ago, when Frontier noticed a trend in fireteams with 1st Gens disappearing, they sent out a bait team. Phoenix was on this expedition (at the age of 10) to see if the problem affected 2nd Gens as well. The aftermath of this incident was that all 1st Gens were exterminated, and the Prototype Human Genome Project was terminated. Many 1st Gens still existed in the wild, and this was when the animal attacks intensified, because now they had intelligent minds to coordinate their attacks.

The End

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