Fireside Chat

The group continued on with their provisions until they came to an open clearing. Crystal and Sara looked at each other and smiled. "This seems like a good place to camp for the night, don't you think?"

Sara nodded her agreement, but Malchior shook his head. "I don't like it. It's... too inviting. I suggest we press on."

"Oh, what are you afraid of, ya walking matchbook?" Sara asked, still sore at being turned into a frog earlier.

"Being cynical is being sane." Was Malchior's only reply. Crystal and Sara both ignored it and went down into the clearing, where they were immediately attacked by a family of Malboro.

"Oh, come on!" Sara shouted, obviously annoyed. "We've had a rough day, can we get one break?"

"FIRAGA!" Malchior shouted from his position outside the clearing, and fireballs rained down on the Malboro with deathly precision. The ones that survived crawled (or was it waddled? Hard to tell how those things move, to be honest) back into their forested home, leaving Crystal and Sara alone. Malchior finally jumped down into the clearing.

"I told you so." Malchior stated flatly. Sara stuck her tongue out at him, but Crystal just smiled.

"You're right. From now on, I'll listen to your advice more closely from now on," Crystal consented and gathered up some wood for a fire. "You don't think they'll come back, do you?"

"Doubtful," Malchior responded. "Malboro severely dislike fire, as it causes their ability, 'Bad Breath', to work less effectively than they would like it to, and therefore, avoid it."

"How do you know?" Sara challenged, sitting down by the fire Crystal made.

"I've met a few Blue Mages in my time... and it is their business to know how each monster ability works."

The End

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