On the Trail Again

Sara stared at the carnage and sighed. "Great. Just #$&*!%@ great. Now how are we supposed to survive out here?" She asked, pointing at the destroyed caravan. The behemoth had literally torn it to shreds, carcasses of dead chocobos everywhere. It was enough to make Crystal hurl... on Malchior.

"Ugh, gross. It's a good thing I have a spare." He muttered, before storming off.

"Crystal, what are we going to do?" Sara turned to ask. "There's no way we'll get to our destination on time. I'm not even sure we'll survive out here. What do you suggest?"

"We gather up what we can and press on. Going back isn't an option. We're too far from our start point for it to do any good. Speaking of which, why is it that there are no good rest stops on this trail at all?" Crystal finally questioned.

"Now that you mention it... oh, but that isn't important right now! Come on, behemoth burner! Help us pack up!" Sara called.

"I'll be with you as soon as I'm done changing, you stupid girl!" Malcior shot back from the cave.

"What did he just say?!" Sara asked, peeved at her new "ally". Crystal giggled. "What?!"

"I see you two are getting along nicely."

"WE ARE NOT!" The both of them shot back.

And so, after Malchior changed and everything was packed, they set off to... wherever they were going.

"Can I look at the map?" Malchior asked.

"No, fire starter. You'll burn it." Sara responded vehemountly.

"Will you two please be quiet? Your incessant whining is giving me a headache." Crystal answered exasperated.

The End

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