Brood Queen, part three

Roxanne was bored of fighting the spiders.

She had, with the help of Richard, managed to distract the spiders long enough for Remeck to get his friend Kilikan down from the spiders' trap. Even from a distance, and though she had been battling, Roxy had noted that Kilikan was huge, and blue. A Ronso.

As Richard battered another spider with his melee magic, Roxanne finished it off and turned again to see them, only to discover that they had been tossed around. Roxy turned to join them and saw them regrouping a small distance away from the spider.

"What are they doing?"

Roxanne felt her cousin's back bump against hers.

"They're regrouping." Roxanne said as she watched them. "Probably discussing a tactic. I think we should join them. If anything goes wrong, cover me with a strong blast against that Queen-something. But don't get too close if you're inclined to keep yourself in one piece." she warned her cousin.

"Got it. Let's go." he moved to stand beside her and they both ran, Richard sending small multi-blasts to cover them while Roxy blocked and dodged any spiders that came near.

"Roxanne, they're running!" Richard exclaimed as they got closer.

"No." Roxanne stopped to look. "They're sprinting. Going a short distance. That Ronso friend of his seems to be. . . ." Roxanne stared at Kilikan. Did he plan to jump on top of the Brood Queen? If they could crush the spider, it would be significantly wounded, but. . . .

"Idiot!" Roxanne whispered sharply. Remeck would be crushed.. "Stay here." she ordered Richard, dashing off to stop him.

So Roxanne ran after Remeck, using her long stride to build momentum, and pulled him out of the way before charging off again. She barely had time to register the surprised "Roxanne!?" before she quickly circled and ran towards one of the Brood Queen's legs.

Yes, the center one. That looked like a decent target. She could use it as a booster to get on top of the spider and kill it with the help of her cousin. Navigating around the bladed leg would be tricky, but surely she could manage.

Roxanne pulled one of her throwing knives out and jumped, grabbing the leg and pulling herself up. As she embedded the knife into the side of the spider, she could hear Richard yelling about something. Roxanne sighed and got out her other throwing knife, using them to pull herself up until she reached the top.

"Not bad." she muttered, pulling out her katana and trying to keep herself balanced

But, just as she had her bearings, she heard someone screaming in rage. The spider was unhappy, obviously, but that wasn't-

"Move, civilian!"a voice boomed from above.

Roxanne jumped away, embedding her katana into the spider for a handhold.

"You mad or something? Who are you?"

Roxanne looked up to see Kilikan, panting and holding onto his spear as the Brood Queen thrashed.

"I just tagged along!" she snapped, grunting as she yanked her katana out of the spider's abdomen, and turned around to finish it.

"Where is Remeck?"

Roxanne ignored the Ronso and decided to jump, using the spider's thrashing to her advantage, and screamed, "Richard, blast it now!" before taking her aim and burying her sword between the spider's head and abdomen, penetrating the pedicel.

A spear buried itself into the bottom of the Brood Queen's head just as Richard's cross magic blast hit to top and exploded, opening the head and killing the gargantuan spider. Roxanne felt herself go flying.

That was Remeck's spear, Roxy thought before she hit the wall. They had all survived.


Kilikan hit the ground and rolled, having heard the yell of the mage to move.

"You alright?" Remeck called as he approached.

"Kilikan was not hurt by the blast." the Ronso glared at the mage. "Who are you? Where you learn that attack?"

"It. . .was my intention to become one of you. But I was not permitted to enter." the stranger explained. "So I became a white mage. Richard Gammond at your service." he bowed.

"Why would you not be permitted to enter is beyond Kilina's scope. You have powerful attack magic skills."

"Certain troubles I have. Nothing serious, but enough for them to reject me. It's not important. Where's Roxanne?" Richard looked around.

"Is Roxanne the name of the civilian who climbed the spider?"

"Yes." Remeck and Richard answered in unison. "Why?" Remeck added.

"That civilian is mad. Kilikan nearly missed the Queen for her standing on top like that."

Remeck began looking around, too. "She must have been caught in the blast."

Richard turned pale. "Stupid daughter of a goblinoid!" he exclaimed before running off in the direction of the now limp Brood Queen.

After exchanging a look, Remeck and Kilikan ran after him.

The End

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