Brood Queen pt. 2

There was an explosion in Remeck’s peripherals, and for a brief moment questions of what was happening skittered across his consciousness.  He shoved those thoughts aside as his focus narrowed to what was in front of him.  Roxanne seemed to have managed to occupy most of the random Saberlegs wandering around the room with the Queen, but not all.  One of the giant spiders skittered into his path.  Skidding to a halt, Remeck presented his left side towards the spider as he reversed his grip on his spear.  Hefting the weapon to chest level, he drew back as far as he could, muscles tensing all across his body. 

“Gungnir.” he hissed, his very own name for this special attack.  His body uncoiled like a spring as Remeck hurled the spear at the Saberleg.  The weapon pierced through the spider, exploding out the back end of its body with hardly any loss of momentum.  Upon reaching the back of the cavern, the spear slammed into the wall, burying its blade within the stone.  The Saberleg managed to remain standing for a few moments, tottering forward before collapsing into a heap that Remeck promptly leapt over.  Eying the height that Kilikan was hanging from, Remeck made a slight adjustment as he ran, drawing one of the knives crossed at the small of his back as he went.  Stepping up against the wall of the cavern, Remeck bounced off to land on his spear driven in the wall and used it as a springboard to attain the height necessary to reach the imprisoned Ronso. 

The cut wasn’t clean, parting only a small portion of the silk cocoon surrounding Kilikan, but it was more than enough to allow the Ronso to burst free of his bindings.  Remeck hit the ground in a crouch with a bone-jarring thump as behind him Kilikan landed lightly on the balls of his feet.  Gingerly, the Ronso felt along the long gash left by Remeck’s knife on his arm and growled at the younger SeeD member.

“Eh… Sorry.”  Remeck muttered as he tossed a vial of antidote to the Ronso.  Catching the vial one handed, Kilikan raised the vial and crushed the glass, allowing the antidote to dribble into his mouth.  Shaking his head to clear the last vestiges of poison, the Ronso cracked his neck before reaching out and grabbing the spear left embedded in the wall.  With a jerk, the spear came free and Kilikan examined its tip.  The metal had become chipped and warped from its encounter with the stone, but it would have to do.  Remeck sheathed his knife and drew the bastard sword from over his shoulder as Kilikan leveled his spear against the Brood Queen.  By some unspoken signal, the pair dove at the Brood Queen.

The Brood Queen saw them coming and turned to face them, lashing out with one leg.  Remeck yelped and dove to the ground, allowing the bladed appendage sweep over him.  Kilikan however, utilized his dragoon training to leap higher than one would think possible, allowing the spider’s limb to pass harmlessly below him.  With a howl, Kilikan dropped towards the Queen, spear leading the way.  Rearing back, the Queen spat a large glob of immobilizing webbing at the descending Ronso, but before contact could be made, the webbing burst into flame leaving behind only a fine cloud of ash that the Ronso passed through with ease.  Remeck was back on his feet, the fire magic fading out from around his hand, the materia in his Beret glowing brightly.  The light dimmed and Remeck continued his rush forward.

Kilikan struck first, his spear driving deep into the Spider Queen’s harden chitin causing the Queen to spasm and lash out wildly.  One leg lashed out at Remeck as he drew closer and he was forced to stop, twisting and turning his sword and body to catch the attack on the flat of his blade.  Even so, the force of the blow swept Remeck off his feet, sending him flying into the wall with a thud.  With a groan, Remeck slid off the wall and rolled himself back to his feet in time to see Kilikan wrench the spear free of the spider’s back and subsequently get tossed off like a rag doll to land in a heap a small distance away.

Readjusting his grip on his sword and gritting his teeth, Remeck feinted forward at the Queen, drawing her attention and barely dodged back as she struck out at him again.  The Queen managed a glancing blow to Remeck’s side, ripping open his shirt and skirting off of the chainmail mesh beneath.  From the corner of his eyes he saw Kilikan getting back to his feet as well.  Despite being cured of the poison, the Ronso was still moving somewhat sluggishly, clearly having taken a lot of damage earlier in the fighting before Remeck and Roxanne had arrived.  The Brood Queen drew back a bit eyes on the two SeeD members, all the while managing to keep tabs on whatever was causing a ruckus on its far side.  Roxanne was clearly still up and kicking if the noise was any indication.  Part of him hoped she finished soon, his gut told him that it’d probably take a concerted effort from all of them to take the monster down.  Moving slowly, Remeck rejoined with the Ronso, watching the Queen for movement all the while. 

“Kilikan did not have the chance to thank Remeck properly for the rescue.”  Kilikan spoke in third person as Remeck neared. 

Shrugging off the thanks Remeck instead responded with a question.  “What next?”

The lion faced Ronso growled softly in his throat and shook out his bright blue mane.  “Kilikan from above, Remeck from below.  Crush the Spider between us.”  Kilikan’s face split open in a toothy smile.

Remeck frowned, unsure if it really would be that easy and flexed his free hand nervously.  He estimated he had at least one more shot of fire magic, maybe two before he exhausted his mental strength and would be unable to cast any more spells.  Unfortunately, he saw no other alternatives at the moment.

“Right behind you.”  Together, they charged again.

The End

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