Melee Magic

"Go!" Remeck dropped his back and dashed away.

Roxanne turned her back on him, facing the group of the queen's attendants. This would be interesting.

She locked on two of the first spider's eyes, and they both charged, katana and bladed lights glinting

Or they would have, if a small explosion hadn't thrown Roxanne flat on the ground.

"What?! Who-" Roxanne gasped, nearly breathless. The spider hissed in pain, four of its eyes and a piece of its disgusting head melting away. Melee magic?

"Get up!" A familiar voice snapped. "There's no time to sit down now." A strong hand hauled her upright. That voice-

"Richard?" Roxanne pushed her cousin's hand away.  "What are you doing here? Didn't you quit those combat classes?"

"I still know how. Memory's always been sharp- watch out!" Richard jumped away. The spider was charging them.

Roxanne thrust her katana forward to block a pair of angry Sabre legs and sliced up, barely missing what was left of the first spider's face. "Then make yourself useful and try not to kill me in the process! Do something to lower their defenses!" she exclaimed

"You got it!" Richard forced a blast of magic onto another spider. It hissed and sqealed as the spell did it's work.

Roxanne forced the injured spider back, glaring at it. This one was smart. She would have to use some above-average tactics, hopefully ones that would minimize her energy loss.

It charged again. Roxanne charged as well, using her momentum to slide underneath and graze its abdomen, thrusting it hard once she was in the middle. But as she tried to pull it out, she realized that there would be no time for escape. The spider could giver her a really bad wound, even in its damaged state.

Maybe another blast. . . ?

"Richard!" she screamed. "Give this one hell!"

A few seconds later, Roxanne heard the blast hit the spider and yanked the katana free, rolling away from it with the blade flat against her. Jumping to her feet, she saw that Remeck trying to climb the wall to save his blue-haired, lionlike friend. Good, he was getting closer.

Roxanne looked at the other spider, who didn't seem to be alive, and dashed towards another nearby her cousin

"Thanks!" she exclaimed.

"Finish this one off!" Richard replied, sending two controlled blasts towards a charging spider. "I just got the hang of how to corner them."

"Got it!" Roxanne charged at the spider, which was hissing and howling in pain, and attacked it fiercely, cutting at its head while Richard dodged other spiders, doing his best to avoid their bladed legs.

The spider pushed her back, trying to make enough room to charge.

"No way!" Jumping to the side, Roxanne swiped her katana at the spider's head, cutting it off.

Roxanne looked up to where Remeck was. He seemed to be closer. . . she hoped he wasn't stuck.

Well, that was his problem. For now, she needed to keep these gargantuan things occupied.

"Richard! Blast another one for me!"

The End

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