Sabre Legs

Spiders. . . .

Roxanne barely managed to keep her cool as Remeck introduced someone named Danielle to her. SeeD second class, huh? So she would be one of Remeck's superiors. . . . and what had she meant by those words, extra-cirricular at the academy, anyway? Did she think Remeck training her or something?

And why did she speak Goblinoid? Also, what was with Remeck giving her the bracelet? It was convenient enough to have slotted equipment, but why? Did he already have some? Did this mean that he would actually travel to the Heart of Baron with her?

As they started out, Roxanne broke down the questions one by one and decided that they weren't imporant at the moment.

What mattered now was taking down the brood queen and getting out of the temple. If you could call it that. . . .a spider jumped at her, its bladed legs trying to jab at her, stab her, maybe even cut her in half. Roxanne blocked the two front legs and dodged underneath the spider, stabbing upwards and pulling as she went through.

The spider hissed and whirled around, spraying some form of blood from its backside as it did. When it charged at her again, she thrust her katana forward and into its head. The spider squealed and fell, but struggled and stood again, trying to sense her rather then see her.

Now that she was fighting them, the Sabre Leg spiders were really starting to annoy her.

Irritated, Roxanne cut the spider in half. Then found herself back to back with Danielle. "You following me?" she asked, leveling her sword to a defensive position.

"Apparently." Danielle leveled her crossbow. "Can you see Remeck?"

Roxanne looked around, since she was taller.  "I think he's ahead of us. There's a bit of side cave there, and he's fighting there. I think he's waiting for us, but there's no clear spot yet."

"Alright, then. Get to him!" Danielle ordered. "We can deal with these monstrosities as we go."

"Fine by me." Roxanne kept one eye on Remeck as she fought the spiders, while also making a note of Danielle's fighting skills.

Was she any good? Well, she was alright, but she had a crossbow, which only worked long range. If she hadn't been able to communicate with the Goblinoids, then she'd be in trouble.

"Aagh!" Roxanne heard Danielle scream, then gasped in surprise as one of the spiders slashed at her left arm. She turned to see if the soldier was there, but there was no one but the spiders.

As Roxy fought them, she kept an eye out. Where had Danielle gone? They must have been separated. So fast? The spiders were pretty distracting. . . .

Danielle screamed again, and Roxanne looked around. She was four meters away, and surrounded. Was she in trouble? What was wrong? She couldn't see over all of the damn spiders!

Roxanne gave a quick sigh, then grunted as she thrust her katana into the back of a crouching spider and pushed herself up. Doing her best to keep her balance, she jumped across the spiders one by one, trying to get to Danielle.

Something was definitely wrong, she decided as she heard a third scream.

Roxanne wished she could stab all of the spiders as she went and just end them, but that would waste energy. The brood queen would be hard to fight, and they needed all of the strength they could get.

Just a few feet more. . .Roxy told herself as she spotted Danielle. A few of the Goblinoids had decided to help her out (lucky for her!) while she struggled to reload her crossbow. It was actually a pretty nice one. Looked like about five or six shots, Roxy noted when she landed.

The only problem was that the spiders, while probably not able to speak, were still smart enough to see that she could only fire the crossbow. Danielle already had two cuts on her right arm, and one on her left calf. No wonder she had screamed. Those things had sliced her pretty hard. But they were running out of time. . . .

"Give me that!" Roxy snatched up the crossbow, reloaded it and thrust it into Danielle's good hand. "Shoot those ones, and we'll meet with Remeck. Looks like he found a clear spot to regroup after all." She pointed to a cluster of Sabre Legs coming towards them, directly in their path towards Remeck.

"Alright, I got it." Danielle shot the crossbow four times, a little bit irked from being given orders by a civilian in battle.

They fought their way through, Roxanne taking care that they stayed close together. If either of them got too many cuts, they would lose strength.

"Remeck!" she called as they neared the spot she had seen. He was up on a ledge, a temporary oasis away from the spiders. They were too busy with the Goblinoids to climb the walls right now, and there was a little miniature cave which they wouldn't be able to fit into. They would be safe.

Remeck looked around, spotted the two women waiting for him, and knelt.

"Where were you two?" He exclaimed over the din, reaching down to help one of them up.

Roxanne thrust Danielle forward, then sheathed her katana. The SeeD soldier accepted her junior's hand. Once she was up, Remeck helped Roxy up out of the war zone.

The three of the rested for a moment before an eerie, high-pitched hiss echoed through the cave.

"We must be close to the brood queen." Danielle said, trying her best to stop the blood on her arm. "Got any spare potions, Remeck? Kilkin had all of ours."

"I've got five." Remeck said.

Roxanne pulled out a makeshift bandage and began to wrap up her arm. Danielle should be able to survive without a potion. . . . "We'll need as many resources as possible when we fight the brood queen. I'd just dress the wounds if I were you."

Danielle blinked. "Sorry?"

"There going to be four of us fighting it, right?"

Danielle shook her head. "Kilkin's pretty strong. Unless he's poisoned, I doubt he'd consider using any."

Roxanne looked at Remeck. Was he going to agree with her or Danielle?

"We should probably save them unless you really need it." he handed her one of the vials, as if giving her a choice.

"Better to have some now then go down later." Danielle opened the vial, drank a third of it, closed it and handed it to Remeck, who took half of what was left and then offered the rest to Roxanne. They both winced as the cuts on their skin began to heal themselves.

"You might need it." he said, as if arguing.

Roxanne sighed. "Whatever. Thanks." She muttered as she drank the last third of the poition.

"Whenever you two are ready. . ." Danielle guestured ahead. Though it was dark, there was some sort of opening or large cavern up ahead.

"I'm always ready." Roxy stood. Remeck followed, and the three of them jumped back in and made their way through the fray once more.

The End

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