Mender to white mage.

"Are you up to this?" Remeck glanced down at Roxanne's foot.

While the injury was minor compared to Remeck's, it did still hurt to walk on it. She didn't let on, but the poor guy probably felt responsible for what had happened. It didn't matter.

"Doesn't matter to me." Roxanne said. "Where's this temple supposed to be?"

As she asked this, the two of them began to walk, by unspoken consent, to the center of town.

"It's outside the town, in the woods. We can head up there and follow the SeeD party's trail tonight if you want to, or just rest and go tomorrow night."

Roxy shrugged. Perhaps she could see a little of what her father saw in the Heart of Baron tonight, "I heard the officer. We can go tonight unless you have something better to do."

Remeck blinked, as if unnerved by her. Roxy smirked. This soldier was amusing, there was not doubt about that. 

"Do you plan on having someone check out your arm?" she asked.

"Yes, I'll need it checked out. And what about your boot? Will you do well with such a large part of it sliced?"

"I can find a place to get it fixed. But I'd like to have myself checked out, too. Caution doesn't just apply when you're fighting."

"I'll ask around about finding a white mage." Remeck said, obviously confused. Wouldn't the potion have healed her foot just fine? He cleared his throat. "I did give you something to heal the injury that I caused-"

"Yes, I remember quite well how much I choked on it. Potion-brewers have no sense of taste whatsoever." Roxy remarked bitterly.

Remeck shook his head, hurt. As he looked away bitterly, Roxy decided to rethink what she was saying. It wasn't every day that someone would willingly travel with her, even if they didn't know the circumstances.

"Although I do know it was essential for me to have some. You can't carry me and all of our gear. Gratitude is in order here, and I am grateful that you acted quickly. Now, do you know of a white mage or don't you?"

"Are you. . . .trying to thank me for giving you that potion?" Remeck asked, turning to face her.

"Find a white mage and I'll meet you back at that inn after an hour. Then I'll need you to take me to him."

Remeck shook his head, trying not to laugh. She really is an odd one. "I'll find someone. See you in an hour." he turned and walked away.

He turned and walked away, as if he had decided to leave her to her own devices.

Roxanne walked into the market, trying to find  someone who knew how to properly mend hard leather. It was a pain to do it herself, anyways.

She spent fifteen minutes walking around, unsure until she saw a mender who seemed to be having good results.

"Can you mend this?" she approached him boldly, interrupting the mender as he magnanimously received thanks from another customer.

The customer whom she had interrupted scowled, but still said a friendly goodbye to the mender.

The mender, Vand by name, looked down at the boot and then nodded. "Take it off, I'll do it right now for one-thirty."

"One-ten." Roxy countered.


"I'd go at this for longer, but I'm too tired. One-twenty is the best you'll get out of me, or I'll take my buisness elsewhere. The next town if I have to." she added when the he opened his mouth to protest.

Vand looked at her for a moment, trying to stare her down, but Roxy only glared at him in such an unnerving manner that he averted his gaze. Roxy smirked.

"One-twenty." he agreed shakily. "Take the boot off."

Roxanne undid the laces and yanked the boot off, sitting down on a nearby stool and watching the mender work.

Once he was done, the boot looked good as new. Roxy gave him the one-twenty and went on her way, seeing Remeck standing outside the door of a house talking to what looked to be a white mage. Well, it was easier then waiting ten minutes for him at the inn.

The End

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