Final Fantasy Forever

Just a collaborative story set in the world based around a collection of Final Fantasy worlds.

“Did we lose them?”

“How would I know?  What do you see Remmy?”

Remeck, dropped down from the top of the hill, landing softly between the two lazing figures at its base.  “I don’t see them at all.  I think we’ve left them behind.”

“Ah well, we don’t really need them, they have their own patrols to take care of.”  The figure on Remeck’s right shrugged.

The figure on the left grinned, “We were supposed to help them on the way to our own objective Andriel.”

Andriel waved her hand as if the thought was of no consequence.  “They’ll be fine.  They don’t need high leveled SeeD members such as us helping them patrol the back roads.  Unless exterminating Goblinoids sounds like fun to you Kerrin.”

Kerrin shrugged in disinterest.  “What does the pup think?”

Remeck blinked and turned his head to regard first one, then the other elder SeeD member.  “I’m just here to follow you two.”

Kerrin reached out and dropped one hand on Remeck’s head, ruffling his blond hair under the green beret.  “How unimaginative.  You’re gonna have to learn to reach your own conclusions if you’re gonna get to 1stclass.  Right Andriel?”

Andriel had turned away from the other two and was staring off in the distance.  “He’s just graduated; he’s got plenty of time.  C’mon, we should keep going.”

The small band continued on their way, following a small dusty trail through the plains of Baron on their way to the outreaches of the kingdom.  The last few days had been uncharacteristically uneventful with absolutely no fiends to be found.  Such lulls were not meant to last.

Shortly after moving out, Andriel called for a halt, noticing something in the distance.  It appeared to be a young woman hacking away at some brush, her long dark hair flailing around her as her katana shimmered in the mid-morning light.  “Someone’s stumbled into a patch of Blood Flowers.”

Kerrin shaded his eyes with both hands and whistled softly.  “She’s cute.  We going to help her?”

Andriel tapped her teeth as she mulled it over.  “Let Remmy have a crack at it.  He could use the practice.”

“Lucky dog.”  Kerrin said, playfully.  Slapping Remeck hard on the back, he sent the younger SeeD stumbling forward.  “Go on, save the day.  Be a hero.”

Remeck straightened himself and sighed.  This wasn’t what he had been trained for; Blood Flowers were a relatively low leveled enemy, hardly a danger at all except to the injured or unwary.  Readjusting the strap of his backpack to ensure the weight was distributed properly, Remeck started forward.

“Wait.”  Remeck, paused and turned back towards Andriel who had spoken.  “Take this with you.”  With those words she tossed a small faintly glowing orange sphere to Remeck.  Catching it with one hand, he swiftly slotted it into a specially designed socket built into his beret.  Fire materia, a quick and simple way to gain access to fire magics without having trained extensively in magic.  The effects were never as strong as a real spell caster’s, but it would give him an edge against enemies weak to fire.  Nodding his thanks, Remeck surged forward.

Roxanne stood poised on the balls of her feet, her katana held steady before her, waiting for the next assault.  She wasn’t quite sure how the Blood Flowers had surrounded her, they had in some very real sense just appeared.  The brush around her shivered and rustled in a nonexistent breeze, vines and tendrils waved lazily in the air, almost comical looking if she hadn’t known how strong and tough they were.  Her eyes darted to and fro as she searched for an escape, there were just too many to combat effectively.  A tendril inched forward, and was promptly slashed off.  Immediately three more vines rushed in from different angles.  She dodged each one, attempting to minimize her movements as she twisted her wrists cutting two of the vines down before they could retract.  But she was growing tired, and was slowly getting overwhelmed.

At that moment, Remeck crashed through a line of Blood Flowers, spear extended in a one-handed thrust, scattering branches and leaves in all directions.  There was an orange spark from his beret and suddenly his spear tip was enveloped in flames.  Planting one foot, Remeck swept his flaming spear about, the plants physically shying away from the heat.  There was a low pitched squeal and hissing noises as all around him the Blood Flowers withered and burned.  The flames winked out from around his spear and Remeck planted the butt of his weapon on the ground as he surveyed the area.

Clear.  Remeck turned towards Roxanne and opened his mouth to speak and stopped.  A sudden change in the air caused him the half-turn, lifting his spear.  The ground began to shake and suddenly burst; sundered, as four giant tentacles whipped into the sky near what had been a single large, nondescript flower.  From the gaping hole a burst of yellow pollen pulsed, forcing both Remeck and Roxanne to take a step back coughing and hacking, shielding mouths with hands.  The tentacles slammed back into the ground, long tasseled hooks at the end of each tendril digging deep into the ground and lifted out the huge hulking bulk of an Ochu, its gaping mouth salivating. 

Remeck knew for a fact that he didn’t stand a chance against this Ochu that towered over him.  “Run!”  he shouted.  Risking a glance over his shoulder he saw that Roxanne was still standing there, coughing, apparently still suffering from the effects of the pollen.  Abandoning his defensive stance, Remeck turned and reached out towards Roxanne.  Despite the effects of the pollen, Roxanne still reacted instinctively to the figure charging towards her by raising her katana defensively.  Remeck’s hand closed around the blade and he grimaced in pain as the sharpened metal effortlessly cut through the heavy work gloves that he wore.  A second step closer, and Remeck shoved Roxanne back with a grunt, feeling the Ochu behind him swing its tentacles at his exposed back.

Mentally, he prepped himself for the impact, but it was not meant to be.  To one side of him Kerrin appeared, his trench coat billowing at the speed of his movement.  Grin on his face, pistol in hand, Kerrin fired off four shots in quick succession.  Each shot struck one of the four waving tentacles, shearing through them effortlessly.  The Ochu roared in pain.  To his other side, Remeck barely noticed a blur of movement as Andriel rushed past him.  Seeming to appear in front of the Ochu, she braced herself, cocking one fist back, then hammered the Ochu.  An indention appeared in the Ochu’s fleshy form where she struck it and the plant monster seemed to explode internally as it vomited a torrent of green ichor.  Andriel meanwhile had quickly leapt back, avoiding the spill and landed next to Remeck in a relaxed stance, slowly rotating her punching arm.

“Sorry about that Remmy.”  Kerrin spoke, as he holstered his pistol.  “Wasn’t expecting something like that to be lurking about.”

“This doesn’t bode well, something this powerful hanging around this area.”  Andriel mused.  “This changes things.  We should send you back to Balamb Garden.”

“What?  Why?”  Remeck sputtered in his surprise.  “I’m more than capable of continuing the mission.”

“We need to report this back to the Headmaster.  Let him know that we may need to scour the area with a sweeper team to keep it safe.  Besides,” Andriel interrupted Remeck as he attempted to speak, “there are other predators about; the lady might need an escort.”  She cut a sharp glance at Kerrin.

Kerrin at the moment was speaking earnestly to Roxanne, having somehow caught one of her hands in both of his.  “…and if ever you find yourself in Balamb Garden, look me up.  My name is Kerrin D. Tansill.  I’ll be sure to take good care of you.”  He must have been talking for a while judging from Roxanne’s flustered look. 

“Alright hotshot.  Let’s go.”  Andriel strode past, catching Kerrin’s ear as she did.  With a yelp, Kerrin dropped Roxanne’s hand and was forced to follow the shorter, female SeeD.  “Remember Remeck, let the Headmaster know about this as soon as possible.”  She called over her shoulder as she led Kerrin away.

With a sigh, Remeck watched them walk for a moment before turning his gaze to Roxanne.  Shaking his injured hand in mild discomfort, he offered a strained smile.  “Hello, my name is Remeck Kumath, SeeD, 3rdclass.”  He paused for a moment, “Look, I’ve got to return to Balamb Garden, if you’d like I can escort you to the next town, what do you say?”

The End

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