An Accedential DiscoveryMature

    I have done all of the exploring I was up for today. A thin breeze passes through my skirts. My dress was a simple white color, the bodice seem to match a different skirt, but it still looked wonderful. Every step I take a inhale or exhale, smelling the extravagence of this land. The air always spells like fruit, spices, or flowers. Today it smelled like honey-suckels.

    The forest was calm. Small rays of sun peaked out from the green tree's, lighting my way down the trail. Somewhere a blue jayed sang a song, and a white rabbit jumped from bush to bush. All was calm.

   The trail I was going down seemed different to the one a reguraly wander down to my little house. This one seemed to be wide enouh for a coach and a party of hunters to rumble down. Something inside me didn't want me to stop wandering down this wide path. So I didn't stop.

   From a distance I started to hear a light song and melody from a harp. My pace grew quicker. Not only was I hearing music but happy vioces chatting in the shade of a tree. Before I knew it I had walked into an odd gathering. I hide behin a tree so I could scope out the area. A lovely women was playing the harp, another was sitting down on a blanket happily singing along. Underneath a grand tree two sets of genltmen and a women sat luaghing at a tea table. A small creek ran trickled by them. They were all wearing the same type of clothing I was, eighteenth century finery. Everyone seemed to be having a joyous time. A large-white-grand home perched a mile away. Some horses were tied to another tree. I looked around again to find everyone wearing riding cloths. A set of servants slept in a wagon near the horses. I wanted to join the happy people, but was afraid too. Luckily the harpest stopped plucking her instrument, making the first move.

     "Hello! You there,  behind the tree!  Come! Join us!" Everyone looked at me smiling. Slowely I walked out of the tree's safety. The harpest had strawberry blond hair, smooth skin, and the brightest gray eye's. The singer looked up at me hesitintly, than lazly smiled. She was very soft, had tan skin, and dark brown hair. Both beconed me over. I walked over, feeling heat run through my cheeks.

    "Aw hello there! Not to be rude, but who are you?" The harpist came and held my hands in greeting.

  "Well,um," I stutered for words, "I was just walking along, exploring really since I'm new to these land, or these dream land. Any way, I was walking through the forest over there when I saw you... and heard you.  You play wonderfully!"

     "Oh, thank you! Well my name is Abigal Windlow, please call me by my first name, and this is Margerete Casket." The singer, Margerete got up and dreamly walked over to Abigale and I.

"My name is Cassandra."

"Oh, what I lovely name!" Margerete exclaimed warmly.

"Lord Warbourton! Mr. Casket! Julia! Come meet Cassandra!"

"I say, that's why you stopped!" One of the men said happily, "I think I would stop too, to meet such a lovely lady!" A rather short man who resembled Margerete came running over. He seemed a lot more active than his sister. He bowed extravegntly, took my hand from Abigal's and kissed it. Where was I? This dream land was geting odder and odder. 

  A tall-lean man quickly walked over smiling. He had magnificent blond hair that gleamed in the sun shine. His eye's were a mix between blue and green, his smile showed brilliant straight teeth. Julia had red hair on the other hand, and her nose seemed to point slightly up into the air. She resembled Abigal slitghly, besides the stuck up expression.

  "That's Abigal's sister Julia. She and Lord Warbourton are courting. Th eLord isn't very happy with her though, worst thing is...she knowes he only wants to be her friend." The short man, Mr. Casket snorted.

"Oh hush brother! You know she doesn't like it when you tell the world!"

"You're right Ms. Corsket." Abigal said icely. I could tell by the gleam in her eye that she and her siter Julia didn't get along.  

"Oh please my friend call me Maggie!" It was funny to watch these friends talk.

"Yes, of course Margerete...I mean Maggie!" They both luaghed. I couldn't help myself from smiling. Before I knew ti Lord Warbourton and Julia were standing in front of me. Lord Warbourton did a slight head bow and smiled proudly. Julia tried to smile, I could tell that we wouldn't get along very well.

  "Hello thee fairth lady Cassandra!" The Lord cried. Julia nudged him.

"I was only acting Julia." The Lord said this jokingly as she stuck her nose into the air. We all luaghed.

  "Well, it is nice to find that you found us a new friend Abigal." The Lord said pleasntly. Abigaly instantly linked arms with me. I smiled.

"Yes it is! She and I will become very good friends! It'll be nice to have someone new around her for once! Come Cassandra! We want to know all about you!"

  "Indeed we do!" Mr Corsket linked arms with his sister, and the Lord stayed linked with Julia. Maggie's mind seemed to be somewhere else. We all walked towards the house. I was so happy to have found some friends in this dream land.  

The End

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